IMAGE CAPTION – skiing at Merri-Mac, fun! fun! fun!

The new year is off to a wonderful start and we’re starting to do more and more things to get

ready for this summer. One of the most exciting things is that we’re making plans to expand our

water ski program and the first step was buying a new boat! We’ll also move our program to Lake

James, which should make our drive time less than half of what it was. Last year’s program was a

huge success and I hope everyone will be able to join us on the lake this year!

Jen and Dan are on their way to Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana to visit old campers and meet

new ones. After that we are hoping to get back to Georgia and parts of NC for a few more meetings

so let me know if you’d like to host a meeting in your home.

From the Campers:

From Berkley A.: Kendall and I are counting the days until we return. We are definitely ready

for summer. Kendall is enjoying sixth grade along with a new sport, cheerleading! I am now

starting to look at colleges (scary!) and am looking forward to the Sugar Bowl, Go Dawgs!

From The Staff:

From Autumn Breaux: Brittany H., Carlin C. and I are driving up to Oxford, Mississippi to attend

Trace Thompson’s wedding this weekend and it’s going to be amazing!!

From Morgan Cogswell: I hope that everyone got the canoeing/kayaking gear they asked for this

Christmas. I know I did! It’s going to be a whole new exciting summer on Lake Doris… see you there

in 6 months!

Big news on the staff end! Stephanie C. and Maggie T. both signed up for next summer and rumor

has it that Carrie J. is considering coming too. Give her a call and talk her into it if you are

able! We are also thrilled to announce that Bethan H. is returning to Merri-Mac as CIT


Great Camping!

Adam and Ann