IMAGE CAPTION – Happy am I at Merri-Mac!

Dear Merri-Mac,

It is looking like an early spring at camp! We’re making our last staff hires, putting together their packets and seeing a lot of construction projects come together. Today Bobby is beginning to replace the railing around the ring and paddock and electricians are working on sprucing up Patty-O’s and Hostess offices.

From the Campers:

We’ve heard from a lot of campers recently with Anna S. writing, “I just got the camper packet! Yay! I am talking to Kendall right now. We are having an exciting conversation about camp. We can’t wait!!” Rachel L. says, “Hey all you Merri-Mac girls!! I am looking forward to camp more than anyone!! I can’t wait to be with my friends again this summer!!!! I have made my middle school softball team and that is going wonderful!! I plan to work hard at camp on my volleyball skills so I can make varsity next year when I am in 9th grade. I can’t wait to be at camp again!! Finally, Kelsey W. shares, “Well first off I’m doing 3 sports at one time and 5 sports in all. My brother got second honors, and I am so proud of him and he is going to be my sponsor for confirmation and I hope to go to Notre Dame so I’m working towards that. You guys are awesome so thank you. I love you guys and can’t wait to see u guys again.”

From the Staff:

Our most recently hired staff is…drum roll…Dave! We’re expecting her to be on the waterfront so be sure to sign up for swimming. Brittany wrote saying, “I was just thinking about camp and wanted to see how things were going in Black Mountain. Everything is great here in New Orleans! I’m back at school and we’re renting a house here. It’s awesome and we really are lucky to have found a place to stay. I actually just spent the weekend with Anne and Gibbs for Mardi Gras (p.s.: Gibbs was queen of a Mardi Gras parade!, if you didn’t already know). I’m getting really excited about camp. PS: I just got my package form Sara Paxton and I can’t thank you enough for thinking to send me the tribe jersey and Choctaw bear! I was so excited and it brightened my day! Thanks again!”

Finally, we’d love to hear what you are up to this spring so click on the What’s New link below to drop us an email.

Great Camping!

Adam and Ann