IMAGE CAPTION – Black Mountain comes alive!

Dear Merri-Mac:

The countdown has begun and camp is coming to life. Dave R. and Anne A. spent a couple of days at camp during their Spring Break, and after an evening at our house making cookies with Mary Page they have decided to join the family by changing their names to Dave Sarah R.-Boyd, and Anne A.-Boyd. Vanessa is also here (she went climbing yesterday) and more staff are expected. We also got to spend a little time with Marilyn Z. Each of the visitors have been greeted with the best news of the year…there’s a new Iroquois on the way because Annie S. is expecting! Of course this means that she will not be in the barn (you can only give so many legs up when your pregnant), so we’re moving her to the Assist. Program Director Job. Patti-O gets all the good staff. We do not know if it will be a boy or girl yet so names are up in the air…any suggestions?

From the Campers:

Jennifer G. shared that her “U12 girl’s indoor soccer team won our indoor tournament and my U14 coed team had an undefeated season in indoor. I have gotten all A’s in school. I have done better than anyone in my flute section as my band teacher says and have learned to cook so many things in one of my classes.” Becca S. adds, “Hi ya’ll! I’m currently working on my camper packet. During school, shhh! And I’m getting super excited for camp this year; it’s going to be so rad. I’m going into Science AND Drama magnets next year, working towards Med. School. I hope everyone is doing well!”

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Great Camping!

Adam and Ann