IMAGE CAPTION – Fun times at Merri-Mac!

Camp is full of building materials. We’ve poured footers for the slide (you can see Dan pointing to it in one of the pictures!) and canoe dock, begun work on the new riding ring, and sheet rock, wall paper and tile are on order for all the new projects. We’re also putting the final touches on the staff and even beginning to make cabin assignments. It’s beginning to look a lot like summer! Another sign is that Macky’s Bulletin Board is brimming with activity as campers and staff begin talking about another Merri-Mac summer, but the most obvious sign is that camp directors all over America are busy taking vacations as an important part of their pre-camp preparations! We took an extra special one in celebration of our 15th wedding anniversary! The other couple in the picture is the old Merri-Mac canoeing instructor and the new Merri-Mac camp doctor.

From The Campers:

Cara H. and Brianna D. both wrote in to say hello and Charlotte W. wrote saying, “I am almost jumping up and down about Annie’s news!!! Congratulations!! I hope everyone’s spring breaks are awesome. I have been getting great reminders from people every couple of days about the camp countdown, about 100 days, right? My 16th birthday is on Saturday and I just went to Hawaii for spring break. Make sure ya’ll IM me or something if you want to get some camp excitement out, I am always up for that!!” Lennon D. also wrote saying, “Hey to all of my Merri-Mac girls! I hope everyone is doing well! Things are busy as usual here in the small town of Stoneville. My spring break starts in a couple of weeks and I am hopefully going to be visiting some camp friends at UGA and in the Atlanta area – I can’t believe that I am starting to look at colleges! I hope everyone is doing well and I am SO psyched for camp this summer! I can’t wait to see everyone!” We’re getting psyched too!

See you at camp!

Adam and Ann