IMAGE CAPTION – never a dull moment at Merri-Mac!

This is one of the best times of the year! Everything at camp is coming alive. The trees are blooming, our tiny bit of snow has melted into the chilly stream, the springs and stream are doing their best to fill the lake while the workers quickly build the new dock and slide, and camp is receiving little face-lifts all over as fresh paint dries on steps and walls. It’s also a favorite time because summer REALLY is just around the corner. Our new bundle of crazy creeks arrived on the porch yesterday and soon many more clothing boxes will be pouring in. We’re working on all those many details that make camp just perfect when all of you girls arrive. It’s exciting because before long you too will be here! I’ve been working on organizing all of the camp pictures which have been taken over the past years. It’s fun to see all of the great moments of the past but even more to look forward to all of the events of this summer. So can you tell that summer is near and we can’t wait!?! I don’t think the staff can wait either. Many of them have been stopping by and staying for a couple of days. Melissa L. and Marie R. were just in my office chatting about camp and finding out how everyone is doing. Brie H., a new climbing instructor who I know you will all love, and Stephanie C. will be here tomorrow to go on a climbing trip with Stephen and Adam. Adam and I will be heading out next weekend to climb and boat with Paxton. He was here in the past and now will be returning as one of our amazing trip staff. Everyone is getting ready for camp and there definitely is never a dull moment!

From the Staff:

Lynda W., who will be teaching art again this summer, wrote:
“Hey! I am writing from Barcelona (part of my three weeks of traveling on the continent for spring break), where they have these great escalators outside that take you up this really steep hill to a beautiful park. I think we should look into a similar system for installation at camp for next summer. Just wanted to let everyone know I have really been enjoying my travels, but it hasn’t stopped me from craving camp. I miss you all!”

We love it when you keep in touch!

I can’t wait to see you all very, very soon!