IMAGE CAPTION – “it’s the place we daydream about…”

With camp around the corner we’re hearing from more and more families and staff. Our favorite

comment came from Anne A’s posting on Macky’s Bulletin Board:

“Camp is just around the corner, which means that Choctaw winning the banner is also just around

the corner. I hope everyone has had an amazing year thus far, and school has gone well.

I have a question for everyone. What is your favorite thing about camp? Is it the amazing

activities?!, the sweet tribal events, the crazy cabin times, the hilarious moments, the incredible

friendships, the uplifting Christian environment, the glorious mountains?

What makes Merri-Mac different from other camps? Why does our count down for the 1st day of camp

begin the day we get home from the previous summer? Being a freshman in college, we play a lot of

get to know you games, and a question often asked is… where is your favorite place on earth, and

well, I have traveled all around Europe going to some of the most beautiful places in the world, but

Camp is still my favorite. Why is that? One of my best friends in the world (Emily Moynihan) once

told me…the most beautiful girls in the world are the ones we feel the most comfortable around,

the ones who are the easiest to talk to, the ones who we can be ourselves around and they love us no

matter how silly we are, the ones who encourage us and pray for us, the ones who make you feel warm

and loved.

I view camp the same way. It’s a second home for us. It’s where we can always be ourselves. It’s

where everyone is as crazy and wacky as we are. It’s where we learn and teach the word of God

constantly. It’s where we make our best friends, (the ones we will have forever). It’s the place we

day dream about in class. It’s the place we get reminded of when we see Nalgenes and Chacos. It’s

beautiful. So I leave you lovely ladies with the question, what is camp to you?”