IMAGE CAPTION – Camp Merri-Mac Keeps Rollin’ Along!

We started filling the lake and planting flowers this week and every day camp looks more and more like Merri-Mac! We also started getting ready for 2007 by ordering our new early enrollment charms. I say charms because this year we are going to have three, one for each tribe!

The biggest news may be that we have added a new staff position for this summer. Anne A., Maggie T., Bethan H., Stephanie C., and Vanessa will be the first to fill these spots, which will be called “senior staff.” Don’t worry, they’ll still be in cabins, but they’ll add some other responsibilities that should make camp even more wonderful. We’re also busy assigning staff to cabins so let me know if you have any suggestions about where you want your favorite counselor.

From our Campers:

We’re hearing from more and more camp families as they send in activity selection sheets and the like. Most recently we received an email from Caroline N. who says, “I AM SOOOO EXCITED FOR CAMP!!!! There are only like 36 more days left!!!! I am soooo happy because I am going for 5 weeks this year!!! Olivia is only going for 3 weeks (booo) but that’s ok. And my bro is going to Timberlake for 2 weeks, he used to go to another camp, but I convinced him to go to Timberlake!!! I am sooo excited that camp is SOOOO CLOSE!!! I have had dreams about it every single night!!! Can any one tell me who won the banner in the first session? I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!

Caroline, the first session banner winner was…Iroquois.

Great Camping!

Adam and Ann