IMAGE CAPTION – having fun at Merri-Mac

Lake Doris is nearly full, Mary Page caught the first frog of the season, our new pumps and pipes are filling our Senior Hill water tanks. What’s more is that this weekend Merri-Mac will come alive with 100 contra dancers. Camp is about to start!

With just over a week until the start of Training Week things here are at a fever pitch. Jen just returned from a 4 day climbing certification course and will be spending part of the summer preparing for her exam in September. Adam, Dan and Stephen are busy putting the final touches on the lessons they will teach during Training Week, and Merri and Mac are lurking in the office waiting for the first camper to arrive.

From the Campers:

Audi writes, “Hey! I can’t wait to see you girls!!! I miss u so much! Have a great summer.” Charlotte W.shares, “Hey ya’ll!! Good luck in getting through the last few weeks of school and exams and all of that. It’s going to be hard but so worth it because then it will be summer and summer means camp and camp means we get to see each other!! If you’re a second session girl you have to go use the Macky’s Bulletin Board!! There are already some amazing 1st session people using it but not as many 2nd session (as far as I’ve seen). If you’re a 1st session person use the message board too and maybe we can get to know each other. I can’t wait to see you all!” Finally, Becca S. says, “So, after the 53278th time reading the dearest, latest Smoke Signals, I came up with something to say. First, I will make sure that in the next 19 days, there is very, very little silence from me. And secondly, I was contemplating cabin assignments, since I have some spare time and all….and I had this crazy thought. Why not put our very own Vanessa Hayes in Dreams Begin or End. You know, just to keep yours truly, as well as Ally H. under control. I think that would be a perfectly swell idea! But it is up to you. Hope you’re well! Love, and see you soon!”

Don’t worry Becca, we’ve already put a lot of thought into cabin assignments.

For the Staff:

Don’t forget that climbers, backpackers and trip staff start wilderness training on May 26th, riders and paddlers on the 27th, and the rest of the staff arrive by 11:00AM on the 29th. Just as importantly, read your email! There’s an important note from Stephen explaining why it is crucial that you have your completed health form before you arrive.

See you very soon!

Adam and Ann