IMAGE CAPTION – having fun at Merri-Mac

Merri-Mac is vibrating with activity with daily deliveries of tribal sofies, Merri-Mac hoodies, green crocs, gymnastics bars, water skis, climbing ropes, vegetable steamers, chafing dishes, decking for the new dock, canoe seats and thwarts, a couple of new computers, refurbished princess plaques, trophies, coupon books, infirmary supplies, flowers and bulbs…the list is nearly endless. We’re also enjoying hearing from so many campers and staff.

From the Campers:

Jillian C. wrote to say, “I’m going to Merri-Mac for 7 WEEKS!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!” Shannon D. had some questions about the new clothes, also sharing, “I was home sick today and so my mom said to fill out the camper packets. Well I did and I started to get REALLY excited for camp!! I’m so excited for camp!!!!! It’s gonna be so fun!!!!! This will be my 6th year!!! I was in Blue Heaven last year and had SO much fun!!! I can’t wait!! I’m coming for the 3 week session!! My sis is going for 5 weeks!!! Lucky her!!! I couldn’t because our school cheerleading squad goes to cheer camp on June 7,8,9,and 10th. I miss camp so much!!!! I love you all!!!”

Finally, after a couple of weeks of silence Becca S. wrote to say, “HI YA’LL! I am so amazedly excited for camp this year. These seven weeks are going to be exciting, and I cannot wait to see or meet you all. Only 26 days. Until then my loves, keep being cool, you’re in my prayers and I hope you all are wonderful!”

Staff News:

Staff should have all received an email from Stephen reminding you that you MUST come with your health forms. We can not allow anyone on property who does not have a health form so do it sooner rather than later! Also, we are putting the final touches on cabin assignments, so now is the time to let us know if you have any thoughts. Our returning UGA staff hosted a meeting for new UGA staff to help prepare them for this summer. All reports are that it was fantastic. Anne A. wrote saying, “just wanted to tell you that bringing all of the UGA girls together was a huge success. All 10 uga girls plus Anna R. and I went to dinner last night and had a great time. We had a blast getting to know each other and I know everyone can’t wait until camp starts. This is going to be an
amazing summer.”

Maggie T. also wrote: So we had a dinner on Saturday night with all the UGA counselors, thank Anne, it was her idea. It was wonderful! Man, I wish someone would have done that my first year. They are amazing girls! I’m so excited to get to know them even more this summer! I’m done with school for this semester…Praise Jesus for getting me through that! I hope all is well in Black Mountain…Cya in 20 days!! ahh! Oh, one more thing – Have an awesome day!!

Lots happening, and we’re just getting started!

Great Camping!

Adam and Ann