IMAGE CAPTION – good times at Camp Merri-Mac…

Good Morning All You Merri-Mac Girls!

By now you should have all received an email encouraging you to see the 2006 video we posted. If you did not receive something from us then you might check to be sure we have your correct address. There are great things happening at camp these days, but the biggest news is that Marilyn Z. just agreed to come back on staff this summer. We also enjoyed seeing so many campers at our two most recent Atlanta meetings, one with the Garrison’s and Rose’s, and the other with Rachel E. We included a great picture from there!

From the Campers:

Cameron L., who has a great picture in the 2006 video, writes to say: “Hey Merri-Mac. I’ve become immensely distraught about camp!!! I’ve been doodling little Merri-Mac logos, Choctaw, Seminole, and of course IROQUOIS symbols all over my notes in class. One day my friend looked over at me and eyeballed my precious Merri-Mac logo (it was the same colors and everything!) and seemed to be the most confused person on this earth. The coolest logo I’ve done thus far has been the Merri-Mac mountains and water with a rainbow over it, because this year I’m going to be in Rainbow. Rainbow girls, I miss you all SOOOOOOO much and I think about you all every night when I fall asleep. Yes, all about ninety of you. It takes me a really long time to go to sleep.”

Kelly J. opines, “I miss camp and everyone at camp sooo much! I called all of my counselors a week after camp ended! It was really cool to talk to them! (Shout outs to: Katfish, Annie, Katie-o and Holby! I love you guys!) I also want to say hey to all of my cabin and friends in other cabins! This summer was definitely the best one so far! Thanks for making it as amazing as it was. Christmas is coming up again! (haha notice how I say again, because we already had it; remember Christmas in July this summer!? lol) Happy New Years too! One last thing: SEMINOLES ARE GONNA WIN THE BANNER NEXT SUMMER! Luv U Guys!” Nice semi-colon use, Kelly.

Finally, Jennie G. wrote to say, “I made the volleyball team. The season was awesome even though we didn’t win. But I was good. I am on a challenge soccer team now. We have won 1 and lost 1. But we are very good. I am on the AB honor roll. I miss camp so much and I can’t wait to see them next summer. This time I am going for 5 weeks. I can’t wait to be home.” There are lots of others who have written so we’ll include their notes next time.

From the Staff:

In addition to coming back this summer, Marilyn is also working on designing our new early enrollment charms. The idea is to have a separate charm for each cabin, so girls early enrolling will get their cabin charms. We’ve also heard from a lot of other counselors who want to come back so we should have some more good news in coming weeks.

Great Camping!

Adam and Ann