IMAGE CAPTION – Camp pines for you girls!

Good Morning All You Merri-Mac Girls!

Jen just returned from a marathon trip through VA, DC, NY and CT, where she saw lots of Merri-Mac girls, including Maggy B., Alexandra H., Madeline M., McKay U., Andera S., Emily M., Mary Beth L., Kaila and Gahr L., MacRae K., Sarah Harvey L., Emma T., and, way up in Darian, CT., Lee B. It was quite a trip and we’re glad to have Jen back! Adam is leaving tomorrow for a quick three days in Atlanta where he’ll see Merrill G., Emily and Caroline R., and a Timberlaker or two. Seeing our campers is one of our favorite winter things to do so we hope some of you will be able to join us for our upcoming meetings.

What We’ve Heard:

Becca S. wrote to say, “Hey ya’ll! Life’s been pretty super awesome (and crazy!) lately. I’m super excited since I’m going to see Sara Kay (skayyyy) soon, and she’s amazing and I love love love her (as I do all of you too!) I hope all of you are having fun and being safe. I cannot wait to see ya’ll at camp (holla SUNNYSIDE ’07) and once again, I’d like to mention the whole thing about preparing for some Seminole domination, since we will be winning the banner next year, rest assured.

Chelsea D. says, “Hi everyone! I am missing camp so much right now and I am so excited to be in Sunnyside this year!!! Well, my business is keeping me occupied. opened and I am doing a lot of local shows. Speaking of shows, I am having a Merri-Mac party tomorrow at my house! This will make me even more eager for the summer. Camp is the most amazing experience of my life, and it just keeps getting better every year! Hope all is well with everyone. Hi Adam and Ann! I hope we can come bake cookies with you this year again! Love you all!” Count on it Chelsea!

Madison M. wrote to say, “Hey Guys! 7th grade is awesome! I miss camp so much!! I can’t wait to come back!”

Finally, Laine P. writes, “School is great but I still miss camp so much. I have talked to most of the second session girls, if I haven’t just e-mail me, lol. One day I was talking to my friends and I said something about the Seminoles winning the banner, woot woot, and she looked at me like I was crazy. Then I couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the day. That should tell you that I love you all and miss you.”

From The Staff

Rebecca C. writes: “Hey ladies! I am at Georgia Tech and loving it! I miss camp and Asheville! I hope everyone is having an awesome year. Love you all! -PD, Prairie Dawn, Rebecca, whatever you call me.” Also, Jamie M. wrote to say, “Hey Guys! Happy Thanksgiving!! A few weeks ago I was at Mt. Music up there in Old Fort and I saw the Motley Sisters playing their fiddles!! I guess all that hard work at camp really did pay off! Hope all is well!!”

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Great Camping!”

Adam and Ann