IMAGE CAPTION – memories of Merri-Mac!

Great News Merri-Mac!

Lauren Davis, Jenna Colie, Sara Katherine Paxton, Georgann Stewart, Maggie Taylor and Lauren Green all said they will be on staff again next summer! We also hired a new riding instructor named Hannah. It is looking like we’ll have a LOT of returning staff.

Anna S. wrote to say, “Hey ya’ll! It’s just now getting cold in Texas! And even today it’s still a little warm. Everyone needs to get on Mackey’s Bulletin Board! A lot of people already have but there’s still a lot more people who need to! Happy Thanksgiving!” We agree. You should also send a note by clicking on “what’s new” so we can include it in our next Smoke Signals. Madison M. also wrote saying, “Hi again! I was in Little Dipper if anyone didn’t know that! See you guys next summer.” Rachel S. is proud of her newest family member: “My god-mother has a new grandson, and I am constantly talking about him. He is sooooo cute!! :-).” We’ve heard from more of you too and will include those letters next time.

Great Camping!

Adam and Ann