IMAGE CAPTION – The good old days at Merri-Mac!

Dear Merri-Mac,

Jen is in VA, MD, NY and CT, Dan is in FL, and Louis is about to leave for Memphis. We’re all pretty busy meeting new camp families! Adam and Ann are holding down the fort at camp, and spending a lot of time hiring staff. So the returning Merri-Mac Staff are: Jan Bellows, Lindsay Brasington, Emily Cornelius, Lennon Dodson, Melanie Forbes, Anne Foreman, Emily Garner, Nurse Sarette, Brittany Hogan, Sarah Hord, Emily Johnson, Kelsey Johnson, Elendea King, Leslie Loughran. Nurse Dana, Ann McShane, Ericka Newell, Megan O’Brien, Nurse Jill, Nurse Donna, Paige Porter, Leah Rang, Katy Robb, Nurse Deb, Kathryn Salmon, Janie Southard, Nurse Diana, Sierra Ulrich, Nurse Meredith and Hillary Gibbs. Of course there are lots of others who have not committed yet, so do not worry if your favorite counselor is not here; we haven’t given up!

We’re not through hiring CIT’s and KG’s yet, but we’ve hired a lot and will give you those names next week.

From the Campers:

Victoria R. writes: “Hey Guys. I miss you like crazy. My homecoming was awesome. We won our homecoming game and now we’re going to regionals. I recently just had a Junior seminar. You know for senior year and also for college. Y’all it is so scary knowing that it is right there. If I can give you any advice, to the younger girls, plan ahead so you dont have to worry like me. But still have fun. But that’s what camp is for. Love and miss you.” Grace R. writes: “Hey all! I’m having lots of fun rowing and such, but missing camp lots! Can’t wait till SUNNYSIDE ’07!!” Carina D. writes: ” Hey everybody! Seventh grade is awsome this year, and I’m in honors math!! Anyway I just have to say three important things: I miss camp so much, I can’t wait to come back and the best tribe in the world….SEMINOLES are going to win the banner.”

We would also like to hear from you, so drop us a line using the “what’s new” link. Be sure to include your name. It is tough to figure it out otherwise.

We’re looking forward to having all our Merri-Mac girls back next summer. Merri and Mac miss you all too. They keep walking around camp looking for the campers.

Great Camping!

Adam and Ann