IMAGE CAPTION – Snowy days at Merri-Mac

Dear Merri-Mac,

Today is kind of a sad day. Jen is leaving Merri-Mac as she and her husband move to Costa Rica to begin their first term as missionaries. We are very proud of them both and are thankful for the way Jen has invested her life in our girls through her Merri-Mac years. It is also a very exciting day because of what we expect to see God do through Jen in the coming months.

The best news of the week is that Lynda Wolpert and Brooke Brewster have both signed up to come back. Brooke fell off her horse recently, actually twice, and hurt her shoulder, but we are rooting for a full recovery before camp begins. Also from the staff, Caitlin S. wrote to say, “Hey yall! I miss everyone so much. I can’t wait till camp starts, I’m so excited I get to be a CIT!”

Camper Corner:

We’ve heard even more charming ideas from our campers recently. The best idea may be from Cameron L. who suggested A Story Book for Dreams Begin and Dreams end, with Dreams End saying “Once Upon A Time…” and Dreams End saying “…Happily Ever After.” We were all impressed. Cameron also suggested that for “Tweedle Dee I think that a simple flower would be nice and on the top three petals would have D E E engraved – Each letter on an individual petal. This is relevant because Tweedle Dee is the first cabin and when your camp experience begins to blossom.” Caroline P. wrote to say: “I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas; I sure did. Right now I’m really enjoying school and swimming, although in September I fractured a vertebra and now have to wear a back brace, so I have a couple of limitations. It is so exciting that it’s only 7 more months until camp! Rainbow is going to be amazing!” Jennie G. wrote to say, “I had an awesome Christmas!! Even though it wasn’t at camp. But we did have the Mariah Carey music at my house. So that made it a little bit like camp. I just now heard about the new charm idea. I think it is awesome.”

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Great Camping!

Adam and Ann