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Good Morning All You Merri-Mac Girls!

Christmas has gone and the snow has come to camp. Things are mighty cold in Black Mountain but we’re not worried because we know warm summer days are coming soon!

Mail Call:

We’ve heard from a lot of you in the past weeks. Rylee B. wrote to saying “Hey Guys! I’m having a ton of fun preparing my new horse, Catdancer, for the big shows we have coming up. I can’t wait until next summer!” Mary Page B. is also riding a lot and getting ready for her first show. Rachel J. has been keeping in touch too. “Hey everybody! I miss Merri-Mac so much! This past weekend I got so camp-sick that I made Alston M. talk on the phone with me until she made me feel better! I can’t wait for this summer… it’s going to be the best one yet!” Another Westminster girl, Anne G. wrote to say, “Hey everyone! Christmas in Atlanta was definitely not white…it was 40 degrees and rainy, but it was still great. Jill and Rachel and I have been making plans all year for this summer, and Choctaw is going to DOMINATE!! I miss all of you so much” (We’ll see about that Choctaw thing!). From Jennie G. we hear, “First session girls, guess who’s coming back…me!!!! Last year I went 2nd session but now I have a conflict, so Rainbow 1st session, here I come!” Finally, Rachel S. wrote to say, “Hey y’all! I MISS CAMP SO much. I want to say hi to all my counselors and cabin mates from ’07. I think about all of you 24/7. I had a blast in Comet last summer. If Noelle O. is reading this, I can’t wait to see you this summer. It’s freezing in KY. M-M ’08 is going to be AWESOME!”

Well you won’t have to wait long.

From the Staff:

After a fantastic staff reunion (We included a picture for you) we’ve been hearing from a lot of counselors. One big item of news is that Anne Archer, Anna Woodson, Anna Fearheily and Nikki S. are also coming back! There’s even rumor that Morgan Cogswell is about to sign up! Also, Victoria R. wrote to say, “Well, I miss and love all of you. Senior year has been awesome so far. I can’t wait to graduate though. I will be going to a community college nearby for the first two years then transferring hopefully to the University of Florida. Every time I think of Christmas I think of Patti-O passing out hot chocolate and donuts because here in Florida it is as warm here as when we have Christmas in July, so it feels the same. I miss and love you and I can’t wait to see y’all this summer.”

One last thing…Does anyone know the old name for the Dining Hall? It’s a really old name. We’ll post your guesses next smoke signals, and of course tell you the answer.

From This Haven…

Adam and Ann