IMAGE CAPTION – 110 more days!

Greetings from Camp Merri-Mac!

Now is the time we all start getting excited about the summer. It’s almost March, and camp doesn’t seem so far away anymore. The daylilies are already starting to pop up around camp, Bobby has made some adjustments to the water slide to make the ride down a little less bumpy and even Merri and Mac seem to sense the time is drawing near. Donna and Samantha take them for a walk around camp everyday so they can get their exercise, but it’s just not the same as keeping up with you guys!

From the Mailbag:

From the campers we hear that Lanier L. is returning and has gotten her best friend to come to camp with her. Lia S. writes, “Hey guys!!! I miss camp soooo much!!!! I can’t wait. Merri-Mac ’08 is going to be the best!!! Well, my news is that my soccer team is going to the championship game on Wednesday, February 20th!!! And, Morgan B., if you’re reading this, I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!” From Ann G. we hear, “Well, I have just had the most amazing month! The first weekend in February, Jill, Rachel, and I went to New Orleans to stay with Mary L. for Mardi Gras, which was SO MUCH FUN!! We even saw Brittany! Then this weekend Abby came to stay with me at Jill’s house and we went to see Becca’s play. She left this morning, which was sad, but we’ll all be together again in 110 days! WOOHOO!!” Ann, we can all get excited about that too! There are lots of you guys getting together out there. Chelsea D. writes, “Hi everyone! I am so excited to get back to camp, but I have been lucky enough to see some camp girls this year. Last month I visited Gibbs and saw Haley, Maggie, and Sam, and this weekend I am going to Wake Forest and staying with Sassie! Miss you all! XOXO.” Chelsea, be sure and tell Sassie we said “hello!”

Adam is on the road in Virginia and will be in Charlottsville tonight with the McNellys. He had a great meeting in Roanoke with the Mertens last night and had a wonderful time meeting many potential campers but especially enjoyed his time with the Mertens and some Merri-Mac girls: Sarah and Anna, as well as Tessa S.

The exciting news of the week…Page Porter and Lindsay Brasington are hired for this summer! Yes, we are as excited as you are to have them back.

From this Haven,

Adam and Ann