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Good Morning All You Merri-Mac Girls!

Staff is nearly full, as are our camper spots, and we’re turning our focus to getting ready for summer. The camper packets should be out soon! We are also about to re-start all of our construction projects around camp (it can be tough to build in the dead of winter!). The next things to happen will be a roof on the Archery Pavilion and a covered firing range on the new riflery range.

From the Mailbag:

Tristan H. wrote to say, “I am looking forward to going for four weeks. Also I was wondering whether an 11 year old girl would be in the seniors or the juniors?” It could go either way Tristan. We’ll be making final cabin assignments soon. Rachael S. shares, “Hey Yall! I miss camp like crazy! It’s not right for someone to wait this long for the best part of their year: ( I wish I could be at camp ALL YEAR LONG!) I think about all the girls from Comet ’07 24/7/365. Can’t wait to see everyone this summer! CHOCTAWS GONNA WIN THE BANNER!” Rachael is not the only one cheering for Choctaws. Macky’s Bulletin Board has had lots of Choctaw cheering lately too. Finally, Mary Page spent a day with Brianna D. at her new school in Asheville last week. Brianna is doing great!

We also hear from Anne A. what a wonderful time she is having in Costa Rica. She bought the sixth Harry Potter book and is reading it in Spanish!

We’re doing great here too, and looking forward to having Merri-Mac back together soon!

From This Haven…

Adam and Ann