IMAGE CAPTION – We love those smiling Merri-Mac faces!

This morning camp woke to its first snow of the season. It was a light dusting but still a beautiful promise of things to come. By way of other promises, we’re making good progress hiring back staff for next summer. We’ll give a full list next week but one thing we can’t wait to share is that after taking last year off Norrie Gingrich is coming back to teach guitar!

From the Mailbag:

Griffin C. and her family went to Pigeon Forge for Fall Break and spent an evening at the Dixie Stampede where Griffin recognized Merri-Mac friend, Whitney Coles as one of the star riders in the show! They shared a great big Merri-Mac hug and chatted about life for a few minutes after the show! Cool Merri-Mac moment for both! Actually, Whitney is their head trick rider after many years as a Merri-Mac rider and diver. Cameron L. wrote saying, “Helloooo Merri-Mac! Grrr I miss camp so much it’s ridiculous! This year my camp dreams have started several months early which is just really annoying because we still have around 7.5 months until first session! But oh no worries, I’m still excited. I’m already doodling the Sunnyside lyrics in my notebooks. Can’t wait to see all of your beautiful faces soon(ish), but for now you’re all in my dreams!” Bailey W. gets this week’s camp commitment award for saying, “I got invited to go to Europe over the summer, but it was during the same time as camp so….. I turned it down! I wouldn’t miss camp for anything!” Finally, from across the Atlantic Samantha P. wrote, “Everything is going great with me, school has gone so quickly, I’m already on half term. I’m missing everyone so much! Everyone over here is already in love with camp. I have people asking if they can come next year! I’m playing hockey at school and it is really fun. Unfortunately I am in the 5ths which means I don’t get matches against other schools, but training is still fun.”

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