IMAGE CAPTION – Your Merri-Mac Community in November!

We’re back on the road seeing more camp families. Monday night we were in Atlanta with Carlin S. and Thursday night we will be back for a Merri-Mac reunion at The Chastain Horse Park at 6:30. Everyone is invited so please come and bring a friend. You can find directions at

We’ve been getting lots of requests from campers looking to buy Merri-Mac gifts for friends and I think we’ve found something that will fit the bill. Madison and Nick AmRhein’s parents have begun a new jewelry business and are offering some wonderful Merri-Mac and Timberlake designs. You can see them at

From the Mail Bag!

The AmRheins also shared that they are in new schools and a Marching Band. It’s been a busy fall for them! Mary Page Boyd is also in a new school where she sees Brianna D. and Alli B. every day. Chelsea D. wrote to say, “Hey Merri-Mac family! I miss you all so much! The college process is in full swing for me, and I am anxiously waiting to hear back from Wake Forest. If all goes as I pray it will, I will be back at camp this summer to be a JC. Best wishes to everyone in school this year J” Finally, Emily M. also wrote saying, “It’s only October and I’m already camp sick! I have one of my friends coming to Merri Mac next year, and she’s very excited. Singing is still going well, I have the talent show tomorrow! Wish me luck!” Isn’t it more lucky to say “break a leg” in show business? Either way we’re sure you’ll do great.

Great Camping!

Adam and Ann