IMAGE CAPTION – Who misses camp? ME!!!

There is lots of winter excitement around camp this week. Something about the holidays makes

people think of summer, so we’re hearing from more campers, and even more staff. Katy Robb (the

older) is visiting this weekend. She’s promised to let us know whether she can return to camp by

next Tuesday, so give her a call and talk her into it if you can!

We’re also beginning to make plans for the upcoming staff reunion. Anne Archer and Claire Kelly

are taking the lead on putting this together. At last count we had about 30 people set to attend.

It should be a great, though probably cold, weekend!

In other news, we’re building a new cabin for married housing. It is by the old chimney behind

the archery range. It is going to have a great view from the front porch. The tough thing is

naming it. Any ideas?

From The Mailbag

Maggie Taylor wrote saying, “Wow just looking at the webpage makes me miss camp immensely! I miss

seeing all you beautiful girls with smiles that add sweet sunshine to my day. So I know it is still

November, but we put up our Christmas tree today. Since my sister and I will be going home during

Christmas holidays, we decided to put up the tree now to get as much holiday decorating time as

possible!” >From Katie Robb (the younger) we hear “My homecoming dance is tonight and I’m really

excited, just got my hair done and everything! I miss everyone so much and counting down the days

till next summer, love you all!” Homecoming should be easy after Rockmont! Rachel S. wrote to say,

“Hey y’all! I miss camp so much! It’s already starting to snow some here in KY. It never really

sticks, but man is it COLD! I can’t wait for summer. It seems so far away! I can’t wait to go to

camp for a whole month. Tonight my academic team has a tournament and tomorrow I try out for all

district band! Wish me luck!” Finally, Jillian C. shared, “I miss camp so much. So far this year I

have gone to this leadership forum on national security. It was really eye-opening. I can’t wait

until June. I have to miss some camp because my school is weird and gets out really late. But I

still can’t wait until summer for Sunnyside year.”

We can’t wait either.

Great Camping!

Adam and Ann