IMAGE CAPTION – First, Last, and Always…

Winter is here but summer’s coming, and in preparation we are busy hiring back your favorite

staff. In addition to a gaggle of nurses and hostesses we’ve had lots of counselors sign up to come

back, including Brie Owens, Patti-O, Claire Kelly, Anna Woodson, Kate Miller, Marissa Storms, Kay

Robb, Jill Gironelli, Dorrie Garner, Ann Gironelli, Kelsey Tennyson, Katie Robb, Emily France, Anna

Merritt, Leah Stallings, Ally Howard, Haley Fulford, Natalie Brouwer, Anna Fearheily, Merilee Betz,

Liza Harvey, Lindsay Lanskey, Lauren Wheeler, Jamie Powell, Autumn Wheeler, Norie Gingrich, Abby

Glackin, Christina Hall, Sarah Rogers, Michelle Ravish, Sarah Hord, Lauren Stelley, Morgan Ensor,

Maddie Simmons, Chelsea Dougherty, Jess Evans, Mary Elizabeth Lago and Kendall Anderson. Even more

importantly, there are about 10 of last year’s girls who have promised to say yes or know in

December of January so keep tuned in for updates.

From the Mailbag:

Rachel S. wrote to say, “Hey everybody! I miss camp so much! Can’t wait to everyone again! Say hi

to the horses for me!” The horses are all in winter homes, but we have word that they’re kicking

down their barns to get back to Merri-Mac. We also heard from Katy Robb. “Hey girls! Just stopping

by to say Happy Thanksgiving and so excited for next summer! 226 days till second session starts!”

And for all you second session girls, Princess Emily writes, “Hey ya’ll! School year is going well.

I’ve had some ups and downs, but knowing that camp is getting closer brings me comfort. I cannot

wait to see everyone. I love and miss ya’ll.” Finally, Cameron L. writes, “188 DAYS! I Can’t wait.

Love you all so so much!”

Great Camping!

Adam and Ann