IMAGE CAPTION – Are you ready yet? We are!

The best news of the week is that Claire Kelly starts work on Friday as our intern so now if you

want to talk with her just call us at camp. We’re also seeing a lot of Katy Robb these days and

Kristy Pannill and Corbin Aiken signed back up to be on staff this summer. It’s going to be a great

year for staff!

From the Mailbag:

We’ve heard from a lot of you; it’s always our favorite email to see. Kelly J. wrote a tome

saying, “I can’t stop day dreaming about camp! Being in Sunnyside is something I have been imagining

ever since my first year, and NOW our year is finally here! My little sister Emily and I have

already made up a new Seminole song which I sang to Lee B and Claire P over the phone and they loved

it! We have been talking NON STOP about all of our plans for this summer! Calling, emailing,

facebooking, texting, everything! It’s going to be one of the best summers of my life. Maybe THE

best. Laura S and I went to see Aubrey H’s ballet performance, the Nutcracker. She was the wind up

doll, a snow flake, and one of the Arabian dancers (and an understudy for the main Arabian girl) She

was Amaxing. Laura and I haven’t seen her since camp and I almost cried when I saw her up on stage.

She didn’t know we were coming, so when she came out of the dressing room after the show, she

screamed when she saw us. I love re-uniting with my Merri-Mac sisters! I’m pretty positive that

these are the best friends I’ve ever had and will ever have. We’ve all decided that we will keep in

touch until we…well…die!” Jillian C. wrote saying her “high school football team won state

championships for the first time ever. I got the letter, I am definitely going to camp for 8 weeks

again. YEAH!” Next, Kate M. shares, “I’m so excited because on December 19, at exactly 12:22pm

Rachel J is coming to Orlando to stay with me for a couple of days! I’m so excited for camp already

and when I go up to snowboard in North Carolina this winter I know I’m going to drive past camp and

wish I was there!” Ironically our next email was from Rachael who shares Kate’s excitement about

camp. “Hey guys! I’m unbelievably excited about this summer… I miss everyone so much! I just

wanted to let y’all know that I’m going to visit Kate M. in Orlando before Christmas, so if anyone

else is down there give us a call so we can hang out! Love you and miss you, and I hope you’re all

having a great school year!”

Great Camping!

Adam and Ann