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Good Morning All You Merri-Mac Girls,

Things are brimming at camp. We had a wonderful staff reunion: Claire Kelly is living in the Big House and we’re busy hiring staff. Our most recent hires are Dave Roddy and Rachel Quinby! Ann met with Katie Robb this morning to design and order all our new Merri-Mac clothes for this summer. Lots of new stuff!

From the Mailbag:

Lauren G., a new camper wrote to say, “I’ve never been to Camp Merri-Mac before, but it looks really fun and beautiful. I can’t wait till summer! Oh yeah – and camp is in only 176 days. I’m so excited!” Just wait Lauren, it’s going to be great. Carina D. almost got in trouble for just thinking about camp. “My binders are covered in “Seminoles” and the MM logo and worst of all during exams this week I thought of something that happened at camp: Gibbs being dropped in a puddle, and started laughing really hard in the middle of my exam! But it was so worth it.” Katie Robb wrote a while back saying, “HAPPY WINTER BREAK, 202 days till we are all together again! I am so jealous of Kelsey T., she went to stay with Lindsey L. this weekend!” From the staff we have word from Sarah Hord: “Hi to all you Merri-Mac girls!!!! It’s Christmas Eve, and I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I’m at home with my family after watching the school semester fly by . . . only one more to go until camp! I CANNOT wait to spend my summer at Merri-Mac, and I’m so excited to see all of your smiling faces! Yayyyyy for Claire Kelly being at camp now!” Rachel S. wrote to say, “I miss camp so much! I find myself dreaming of warm camp afternoons. Christmas was great, but I prefer Christmas in July!! I can’t wait for summer to hurry up and get here! I’ve begun doodling camp/tribe logos in my pre-algebra notebook! That’s how much I can’t wait for summer! I’ll see you soon(ish)!” Finally, Holly M. wrote saying, “I hope all of your Christmases went well! I’m so excited for camp this summer. I’m missing everyone so much! I hope this school year goes by quicker so I can be at camp again- I convinced my parents to let me stay 8 weeks this year! Yes! See y’all in the summer!”

There’s lots more but they will have to wait until next week.

From This Haven…

Adam and Ann

P.S. Can you name these retro campers we’ve pictured?