IMAGE CAPTION – Merri-Mac enters a new year!

It’s cold in Black Mountain but we’re heating up the road. Claire is in Atlanta interviewing

staff and attending a camp fair at North Point Mall. Dan is putting together plans for another trip

to Atlanta and Florida and Adam leaves Monday for a tour through Louisiana. While he’s there he’ll

be showing the video and in several homes including the Holtons, Holdiness, Duhes and Schroeders,

Tetnowskis, Drurys, and then up to Mississippi and Knoxville with the Almand girls and the

Woodsides. Then it’s back to Merri-Mac to plan the next trip!

From the Mailbag:

Rachel S. wrote saying, “I miss camp a ton! My family is going skiing this week and I am STOKED!

It seems like I can’t get my mind off of camp, ever! But who would want to? I can’t wait to get back

to my home away from home! Only about 7 months till I’m back!” She then wrote again to remind us, “I

can’t wait for summer! Six months and a week till second session! Can’t wait to see all my girls

from Blue Heaven ’08! My mom and I are planning to visit the Lake District of England in late May,

so I can’t wait for that. Say hi to Merri and Mac for me!” From Sally J. we hear, “I am ready to

play soccer for this upcoming season. My highlight of Christmas break was getting to talk to all my

camp friends! All is well for me and I hope for others that are sisters of camp Merri-Mac!” Katie

R. chimed in too. “Hey everyone! miss you guys, just thought I’d inform everyone that the second

session CIT’s have already written their CIT song and its going to be AMAZING! get excited!”

Finally, Amelia W. threw down the gauntlet saying simply, “Choctaw Domination. Get ready.” We’ll


About Last Week’s Photo

Jillian C. wins saying, “The girls in the picture are: Mary Elizabeth L., Mary Page B., Meg M.,

Brianna D., and Lee B. They all look the same in the past and in the present.”

Great Camping!

Adam and Ann