“How do you find your camp counselors?” is one of my favorite questions from parents.   Yesterday we hired two more Merri-Mac Counselors in Training. (Laura S. and Kelly J.).  These are graduated campers who are ready to make the transition to staff.  Throughout both interviews I was struck by how much confidence I have in them both.  I think there are 2 reasons for this.

Training Camp Staff
Training Camp Staff

First, we know them very well.  Over  their eight years as campers  we have watched each develop a sense of adventure and leadership as they worked their way through White Feather ranks and then into tribal offices.  We have worked with them as they have developed their activity skills, with Laura becoming a strong kayaker and dancer and Kelly excelling in canoeing and backpacking.   And we have seen them display an exceptional ability to care for other people.  In other words, camp has prepared them to be great counselors.

Second, because they love camp they want others to love it too.  This means that they will almost certainly be the among the hardest working staff we can find because doing the things that it takes to make Merri-Mac great does not feel like work to them.   So Laura will not just want her campers to love kayaking, and Kelly will not just want her love backpacking, they will want them each to love kayaking and backpacking at Merri-Mac.

Of course we also hire first year girls to be counselors, and they bring something equally important.  First, the expand our applicant pool, helping us measure our level of professi0nalism with the training they have received in other places.  They also help us look at camp through fresh eyes, evaluating which parts of the camp tradition are the most important.   Every now and then it is our first year girl that has the best idea of the summer.  When this happens we know we have a Merri-Mac girl for life.

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Adam and Ann