One of the most important questions a first year parent can ask is how many of your staff return each summer? Counselors who love camp love sharing it with new campers. They do it for the same reason that we play our favorite music for friends, or talk about our children, or church, or anything else we care about. It is in our DNA to share things we love with other people. Counselors who love camp come back, and become insiders, and they love inviting others to become insiders too. Great camps are always about making first year campers become camp insiders, and returning staff is the starting place for this.

The good news is that we already have a fantastic group of returning staff for this summer…and a couple of exciting first-timers.

So Who’s On Board So Far?
In addition to our adult staff we’ve hired: Anna Herring., Amelia Wallace, Mary Becker Menendez, Anna Southard, Rachael Brouwer, Chassidy Smith, Mary Page Boyd, Renee Easterlin, Kelly Jeffries, Clare Sullivan, Laura Gordon, Elizabeth Powell, Meg Merritt, Kaila Lessner, Haley Fulford, Corbin Aiken, Madison Mirandi, Kelly Branning, Biz Schill, Sallie Gurganus, Lee Bolton, Casey LaBrosse, Mary Beth Lawrence, Natalie Brouwer, Anne Pellegrino, Annie Grace Shaffer, Kate Miller, Meredith Wilson, Jan Bellows, Catherine Custard, Morgan Sobol, Melinda Rankin, Robin Fearheiley, Mary Jarnagin, Jennifer Porter, Erin Fischer, Morgan Rutledge, Amanda Tappan, Claire Porte, Katherine Albanese, Ellen Valle, Falon Doutrich, Patti-O, and Anne Archer….And it is just January so are also a lot of other girls from last year just about to commit. Stay tuned for updates.

From This Haven…
Adam and Ann