As we enter a new year, we are reminded that summer camp season is only 154 days away! We are excited to open our gates for our 75th summer of camping in June! Getting ready for camp can be nerve-racking for us and we realize you may feel the same way. The best way to calm your daughters nerves (and your own) is to spend time preparing for camp, together! Whether you are new to our camp family, returning for another summer or just browsing, here are five ways to prepare for sleepaway camp this summer.

1. Activities — While activity sign-ups are not open quiet yet, it is great to have your camper start thinking about what activities she wants to take. For many campers, this may be their first opportunity to experience shooting a bow, kayaking in a lake, climbing a rock wall or creating a bowl on a wheel. You can view our list of activities, evaluate skills levels and how they play into the daily schedule at camp! 

2. Tours — take an online tour! This will allow you and your daughter to be familiar with our property before you arrive on opening day. You can find our camp map and a photo gallery here.

3. Homesickness — This can sneak up on a camper as it is hard to imagine they will miss home when they are still in its loving embrace. To help your daughter cope, fill her with confidence to enjoy camp while away from home. Ensure her that it is okay to miss home and her loved ones — because you will miss her too! Come up with a few strategies that can help your daughter like writing a letter home, talking to a counselor, or finding a new fun activity to focus her thoughts. 

4. Build excitement — Watch (and re-watch) the camp video! It will give your daughter a chance to visualize herself in camp, making her all the more excited!

5. Set goals — What does your daughter want to accomplish at camp this summer? Help her begin to brainstorm what these goals may look like around camp. Is it saying hi to a new person each day? …participating in a new activity? …trying to get a bronze, silver or gold in an activity she already loves?


We hope these five steps will help build excitement in your household for the growth and adventures to be found this summer at Camp Merri-Mac. We can’t wait to see you on opening day!

Pro-tip: activities are filled on a first come, first served basis. Keep an eye on your email later this spring to see when forms go live! 


Happy camping, 


Proud Choctaw & Assistant Director