The concrete foundation walls are up and Tree Top is starting to take shape.

It is all pretty exciting around here because we have also decided to take on yet another project, the Lodge is getting a much needed face lift! Why would we do that you might be asking yourself? Well, ultimately because we love you girls and a lot of Sunnysiders weren’t going to be able to be here without us doing something drastic. We fill up really quickly after camp (never forget to early enroll people!) and it was heartbreaking to us that some really sweet girls were going to miss out on their last summer with us due to lack of space. So for the first time ever, the Lodge is going to have campers living in it! Aren’t we crazy? Maybe a little bit. But it is going to be nice. Check out the progress so far. You would never even know it was the Lodge.

And then we put in some pretty stone steps on the bank up by the canoe shack too! Because why not?

Happy Camping! (Especially to you Sunnysiders)

From all of us here at Merri-Mac