Actually, we are adding two this summer.

I have a confession to make.  I’m proud we’re building a new infirmary (Tree Tops?) but I am even more excited that the bottom floor will be a demonstration kitchen.  Yep, we’re adding a cooking class this summer.  I love our food at camp, but I cannot wait to see what our girls cook in class…and I am expecting to see some of it on the round table this summer!

But that’s not all.  We’re also rolling out a new knitting class.  Knitting has become the new cool thing among high school student here in Black Mountain, and I suspect it will be even more popular here.

I have always been pleased that Merri-Mac has something for everyone.  We have high energy athletic sports like gymnastics, soccer, diving, cheerleading, volleyball, fitness, etc.  We also have camp classics like fencing, riflery swimming and archery.  I especially like our mountain sports like climbing, canoeing, kayaking, and backpacking.   And of course riding is in a class of its own.  But recently I have felt there was  room for a few quieter, small motor skill , activities, and I think cooking and knitting will fit the bill perfectly.

Knit one, Pearl two,

Adam and Ann