Hey Dad,

Happy Father’s Day! It’s the first day of camp and I’m having so much fun. Classes are off to a great start. I love my counselors and all the classes I signed up for. There’s so much going on! You would love being here. It’s only been one day and I’ve accomplished so much. I wanted to make you a list of all the activities and achievements of the day. I’m sure you’ll be proud!

  1. I finished all my breakfast… and I didn’t even put too much syrup on my pancakes! Tomorrow, I might even go to the fruit and yogurt bar.
  2. I got all the words right during the songs in chapel… Sunnysiders Laura M. and Katie S. did a great job leading and playing guitar. We sang “Star of The Morning,” my new favorite song.
  3. At my first tribe meeting of the year, I learned all about the personal points I get for brushing my teeth, drinking water at every meal, being on time to classes, and all of that kind of stuff. If I keep up my personal points, my tribe has a chance of winning the Banner at the end of this session.
  4. My archery counselors taught me the parts of the bow, and all the girls in my class had a chance to shoot.
  5. I was tired after we practiced bars, trampoline, and floor routines in gymnastics. But it was worth it when we got to play a really fun game at the end of class!
  6. After all that work, I couldn’t wait to have hamburgers for lunch. I’m pretty sure that’s your favorite meal, right Dad?
  7. Rest hour was nice, but I couldn’t wait to get Twix and a Sun Drop at Trading Post.
  8. I have to say, my favorite part of the day was making a sign for you, Dad. If you look through the pictures, you might see me holding it.
  9. I heard all about Merrill S. and how amazing she was in climbing. She learned all her knots, climbed the tower, AND climbed the grotto. It was amazing!
  10. After all that, I couldn’t wait to go to kayaking at the lake. The water felt great and I learned how to do a wet exit, a hip snap, and a T-rescue.
  11. I got to see the divers learn a 3-step approach… I wish I had signed up for that class. They were having a blast.
  12. Camp craft was my last class. Once I learned how to properly pack a backpack, I did a relay race and my team won!
  13. I walked over to the cooking class and tried some of the delicious treats they made. The Sunnyside class made banana, pumpkin-chocolate chip, and lemon bread. I could have eaten a whole loaf!
  14. I ate all my fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans at dinner. It was so good… but Mom’s cooking is still a little better.
  15. All that was left was Inferno. It was our tribal evening activity where we tried to both put out other tribe’s fires and also accomplish activities to help earn logs for our own tribe. I swam for my tribe and earned a log to help keep our fire alive! At the end of the night, all of the teams worked so hard, but the Choctaw came out the winners!
  16. I went to bed right at taps. I was exhausted… And that was only day one!

This place is starting to feel like home… I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds!


Your favorite Merri Mac girl!

As told by:
Kate Pokorski
Climbing Instructor
Proud Choctaw