Choctaw, Iroquois, and Seminole girls sprinted from the Totem Pole to the art room to begin the great Apache Race- much like how the girls in Fitness ran a lap around camp before continuing with their workout on the exercise balls.  The next leg of the race picked up from there, as artists from each tribe perfected their sketches of trees, foliage and horses just outside the Enchanted Barn doors.

Next came the backpackers who traversed the high ropes course, then the volleyball players perfecting their serves, and finally to the riders.  Once the baton (a.k.a. the tribe jersey) had been passed to the next runner, it was off to the waterfront!  Here, in the waters of LakeDoris, Cecilia C. became the second camper of the summer to earn her GOLD bar in swimming!  Then it was off to climbing, where Gracie T., Becca M., Katie G., Anabell M., Margaret G., and Julia P. spent their morning climbing the Boulders.  Further on down the road the race continued past gymnastics, where Chloe R. earned her Bronze, and then all the way up to the riflery range where Caroline C. shot her way to a Bronze bar.  As the girls cheered on their tribe up the hill, they found even more talent.  In fact, in order to earn her Platinum bar in Drama, Elizabeth P. performed a Julius Caesar monologue in front of the entire camp.  Next came Archery, where Hanna S. shot at a long distance of 35 yards (and did quite well!) while working on her Silver today.

As the race continued past the teepee, the girls remembered the White Feather ceremony that took place earlier in the evening, honoring girls who have shown quiet leadership, a servant’s heart, and selflessness during their time at camp so far.  In Junior Camp, Aubrey A., Rory L., Annabeth T., Summer W., Mattie G., and Rhodes R. received their first promotion to Tumbleweed.  Kate A. and Janie H. got the second promotion of Groundhog, Meg M. got the higher rank of Badger, and finally Everly H. became one of the few girls in the history of camp to receive the highest Junior Camp promotion to Bear.  On Senior Hill, Kathryn G., Elizabeth H., Caroline M., Sandra T., Annie H., Olivia T., Mimi M., Brennan H., Millie H., Ashley W., Kayli H., and Eva B. were all promoted to the first rank of Arrow.  Next, Hayden W., Sydney H., Lawton N., Emma M., and Cecilia C. got the second rank of Crazy Creek. Then Shay A., Elizabeth “Biscuit” C., Isabel R., and Abigail J. received the rank of Long Bow.  As we get into the higher ranks, they become more and more difficult to get.  Tonight Chloe R., Anna B., and Emily D. got the fourth rank of Running Deer and Sarah L. received the sixth rank of Junior Feather.  We are proud of each of these girls and their unique set of gifts that were honored in this ceremony tonight.

 All of Blue Heaven also got a special taste of nature this evening, as they took a dinner hike up in Montreat, where they enjoyed home made mac ‘n cheese and spending time together in nature.


 Finally, the girls brought the race home as girls danced, fenced, and cheered their way to the finish line.  The winner will be announced tomorrow, sending the girls to bed in eager anticipation for a lovely, restful Sunday.


Claire Porté

Blue Heaven Counselor

Swimming Instructor

Proud Seminole