The traditional, relaxing Sundays are always a favorite at Camp Merri-Mac. We start the day by sleeping in an extra hour, wearing our whites, and having a special chapel (produced by the campers!) in the morning. Throughout the day, campers are permitted to choose different activities and/or work on their bars for class.

Many campers chose to play tetherball, chat with their friends in the rocking chairs on the Little Dipper porch, shoot some arrows (like Katniss from the Hunger Games) on the archery range, and make friendship bracelets in the Enchanted Barn.

In addition, the girls from Milky Way and the Tweedles decided to make the most of their Sunday and “open a spa” for other campers.  I was told by the girls in the Tweedle cabins that they considered their business a success after the “Sunnysiders” and “Rainbow” girls came in for a visit and a massage.

In conclusion, the camp was filled with a lot of laughter, smiling, and friendship. God was definitely smiling down upon camp today.


-Sarah Shortridge

Tweedle Dum