Today was another wonderful day here at camp Merri-Mac.  We started the day with clouds lining the camp.  There was a much-needed breeze and an appreciated drop in temperature.  Class went on as usual, however today is the last day for campers to attend Tuesday/Thursday/Friday classes.  I know that the instructors that taught today will miss each girl leaving us. But everyone still had a fun class period with all their friends. There was a waterskiing trip that left this morning.  The girls that attended were: Sarah F., Madison M., Swayze W., Marin M., and Megan R..

Since today was the last day of classes, lots of campers took advantage of using free time to earn their bars in various activities!  The girls that received bronze for archery were Jess T. and Isabel L. In dance class Kalie S. received a bronze.  In tennis Jordan W.Katherine Fay N., and Edie B. earned their bronze and Nicole Y. andAshleen K. earned their gold!  Sydney B. received her gold in climbing.  Olivia K. earned her bronze in riflery.  In gymnastics Naomi R. and Isabell L. received their bronze.  In riding class, Olivia Faith D. earned her silver.  And last but not least in diving Yaara G. and Megan P. earned their bronze.

Tonight we had the White Feather Ceremony directly following dinner.  The girls promoted are listed below.


Gabrielle A.

Margaret C.

Eleanor E.

Bryce M.

Megan P.

Chesley Ann Y.


Payton W.

Alexa L.

Cate D.


Jordan W.


Grace A.

Cierra A.

Katherine Faye N.

Betsy J.

Cate S.

Grace P.

Kallie M.

Lindsey P.

Madison S.

EmmaKate B.

Maggie O.

Arden A.

 Sophia B.

Amelia R.

Madison D.

Meg B.

Crazy Creek:

Allison F.

Morgan S.

Martha Kendall C.

Grace Anne R.

Ellie H.

Nicki G.

Long Bow:

Sydney B.

Sarah F.

Mary Helen P.

Arianna J.

Running Deer:

Margaret B.

Kat W.

Red Tail:

Laura G.

Libby R.

Emily M.

White Feather:

Sydney B.

Sarah Kate P.


Evening activity was the Final Campfire.  During this activity each girl tells a “remember when…” story.  Some of these stories make us laugh and some make us cry; but all the stories remind us that camp Merri-Mac is a very special place.  Each cabin tells a separate story of something that happened this summer.  Some cabins talk about the Christmas we celebrated, while other cabins sing our favorite songs.  At the end Sunnyside hands out the suns they made to people that especially touched their life here at camp.  We ended the night saying, “No matter how long the winter months, or how many years go by, we’ll remember Camp Merri-Mac with a warm smile.”


Goodnight Everyone

Love Leanne


Leanne Burton

Volleyball Instructor

Proud Choctaw