Kia Ora. (Hello in Maori ((New Zealand’s native language)) )

Today I woke up to the sound of Sunnysider’s getting my campers up and getting them ready for the day. It’s STAFF APPRECIATION DAY. YAAAAYY!!!!!!!!!! For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, this may be because I’m foreign, or because you have never heard of this day before! Which is why I am here…

Staff appreciation day is where dreams begin; dreams end and sunnysiders become the staff for the day. They wake the campers up, get them

ready for the day, they drink out of OUR coffee mugs, wear our staff shirts, they spend time looking after and getting to know the cabins they are assigned, and they teach our activities (with close supervision don’t you worry!).

So while the older girls ran back and forth to the serving window I sat at the usual Sunnyside table enjoying French toast sticks and bacon. It was amazing and after announcements we headed off to chapel.

Activities proved to be interesting. With there only being a few days left it was a challenge to continue teaching bars with someone else being in charge of your class. But overall I think we succeeded this challenge with Sherrill B and Isabella B getting their silver in volleyball, Grace C got her bronze in canoeing, Laura G got her silver in canoeing and her bronze in soccer, and Jessica T got her bronze in soccer also.

We also had two birthdays today.  Gabby in Comet turned 12 and Reagan in Milky Way turned 11. The dining hall sang to them at every meal and Reagan said, “I have been sung to four times today!’

Tonight, its fine arts night and is Hollywood themed. I know it’s going to be a crazy night of talent and fun judging by the costumes at dinner I saw. Auditions were held yesterday and the girls were all so excited to see who would be preforming tonight.

Well I’m going to go check it out. Thank you for reading. Catch ya later..


Sarah Johns

Milky Way counselor (best cabin)

Gymnastics coach (best activity)

Proud Choctaw (best tribe)

New Zealander (best country with America coming up a close second.)