Many mornings in these majestic mountains may be met with the merry smiles of about two hundred mademoiselles. And this Wednesday at Merri-Mac in the middle of the month has maintained that mantra. The magnificent sun awoke and moved, making our girls ready for a mirth-filled day in a matter of minutes. We migrated to Tucker Inn, where we ate our morsels before filling the chapel with marvelous music and melodies made for our merciful Maker.

Though we may have had some rain and mud, we maintained the magnanimous merriment for which Merri-Mac is made. In the Mike, girls tumbled on mats in Gymnastics, with Miss Zena D. earning her bronze bar. More than a measly racket was made for Moonmist camper Elizabeth W. when she achieved her bronze in Riflery—an activity made for a mission. Not merely that, but the majority of Merri-Mac made it their mission to make measurable memories, with our tribal leaders moving the camp to modify tribal songs into melodies of “meows” instead of words!

We moved on to marshmallows and s’mores in Camp Craft, Milky Ways and M&M’s at trading post, mile runs and meter dashes in Fitness, and more moving melodies emerging from Chorus. Carley M., Mary Claire M., Emily W., Gracie Rae H., Addy C., and Sydney B. made it onto the mellow waters of Lake James for a waterskiing trip. It’s no mystery to make certain that today, Merri-Mac has had as much merrymaking as ever, and more than most places mankind may ever match. As we make ready for Seminole-Iroquois volleyball matches tonight, and as Choctaw masters their own ice cream mission—from mint to moose tracks—I must wish my multiple Merri-Mac families and friends a magical, moonlit evening and a mirthful morrow!


Rachel Brouwer

Iroquois Always & Forever

Moonmist Counselor