The Space shuttle headed for the space colony Merri shot off at 7:00am this morning. Today’s astronauts were more than excited to start their space mission. On the flight to the moon, the astronauts gathered in the shuttle’s chapel to hear of a love that’s bigger than the universe, and that Love is God. God is Love, and His people are the loved.

Once on the moon, the astronauts took off to complete their assigned missions. Assigned to moon lake rafting was Addison B., Jane B., Brooke B., Julia B., Jarrett B., Celia C., Anne D., Maggie G., Annie H., Abigail K., McKinley L., Bianca L., Julia M., MiMi M., Silvia M., Alice M., Olivia T., Katherine O., Alexandra W., Elisabeth W., Katherine M., and Abby L.

Waterskiing on the moon was the challenge given to special agents Adeline C., Cassandra C., Meghan W., Carley M., Sarah L., Hamilton I., Julia B., Isabel H., Emma M., Lawton N., Taylor U., and Meg M. Sunnyside, SunDrop, and SunSpot took a trip to the sunny side of the moon. There, they enjoyed lunch on the town, a visit to the Boyd’s house, time at Biltmore Park, and dinner at the local pizza parlor.

Other space tasks enjoyed by the astronauts today included zero gravity climbing, weightless gymnastics, volleyspaceball, cooking that’s out of this world, space s’mores making, air guitar, earthly drama, crater kayaking and canoeing, star shooting, and horse shuttle riding. After a long day of missions, the visitors of the Merri side of the moon loaded back into their space shuttle and headed back for earth.

“Remember to always shoot for the moon because even if you miss, you will land amongst the stars.”


Stephanie Bennett

Rainbow Cabin

Archery Instructor

Iroquois Tribe