“One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to enquire in his temple.”

Psalm 27:4

The beauty of the Lord was sure experienced today as girls laughed and cheered with one another under a canopy of blue skies and an abundance of sunshine. The day was packed with activities as girls were soaking up every ounce of fun camp offers. Smiles ran rampant across girls faces from the second reveille rang this morning to the much loved spaghetti and meatballs for dinner!

The beautiful day was taken full advantage of as a water-ski trip and canoe trip to the Tuck left first thing in the morning. The very lively water-ski group included Julia B, Emily W, Lizzy P, Carley M, Emma M, and Margaux S! They were an encouraging bunch and very enthusiastic as each one got up on skis! Anna Southard lead the canoeing trip, all afternoon she raved of how much fun the girls had and what a wonderful job they did. Abigail J, Sarah L, Isabel R, Hamilton I, and Anabel M got to receive extra instruction and learned a lot with this smaller trip.

Back at camp much hard work and determination was put into sharpening skills and earning bars! Gymnastics got to spend the morning on the lake practicing jumps off the diving board and swimming with their gymnastics instructors. Kayaking, canoeing, and swimming classes we’re elated to get to take a dip in the cool lake while swamping, rolling, and perfecting strokes. After many hours in lake Doris Kat G got her bronze in competitive swimming and Taylor T got her roll for the first time! It was a big day at the barn for bars, even outside as girls were seen trotting around camp trails. Millie M, Augusta W, Helen Anne H, Ginny H, and Caroline M worked extremely hard to achieve their bronze. Earning silver bars were Millie H, Julietie A, Katherine B, Grace B, Alexandrei K, and Clara S. Last but not least, Martha Kendall C. was outstanding in earning her gold! It was a toasty one on the soccer fields, but it sure didn’t stop all the action. Taylor M, Jordan U, Laura L, Caroline B, Mary Claire M, Abby K, and Mae H got their bronze! Girls were more than zealous towards earning bars in fencing-Scout L, Ashley W, Cole M, Alexandra W, Mimi M, Olivia T, Mae H, and Juliete A got their bronze! Silver bars were earned by Millie M, Julia S, Rush L, Olivia H, Sandra T, Katherine M and Sofia S. 

The day has only kept getting better-the much anticipated secret evening activity was Maddy Mallory’s Princess Party. What more deserving person to honor tonight than this incredible, beautiful princess! Excitement was boiling as girls waited to enter the Mike and uncover the Princess Diaries theme. Decorations, costumes, and laughter filled the night as the princess cast put on quite a show. The cast was made up of princesses from each cabin, those princesses were, Rory L, Janie H, Ava W, Sanda T, Jaden M, Hayden W, Sydney H, Millie H, Morgan G, Juliette A, Amelia G, Andy K, Robin N, Rachel S, Eva B, and Madi S. Maddy’s beloved CIT’s and counselors, Anna F, Laura G, and Tibby just added the cherry on top of a hilarious show. Old friends were reunited and new friendships were made in the celebratory atmosphere. It was a night deeply enjoyed by all and we wish you could have been there! We are all looking forward to another day of endless adventures in the most beautiful place on earth.


Rachel Buttrey

Milky Way Counselor

Riflery Instructor

Choctaw best tribe.