This Morning, the wonderful ladies of Camp Merri-Mac rubbed their eyes after a much needed restful night of sleep following the chaos and excitement of Maddy Mallory’s princess party. The low rumble of camp coming alive echoed through Windy Hill as the girls readied themselves for yet another fantastic day at camp. At breakfast, pancakes and bacon were passed around with delight. There is nothing a Merri-Mac girl likes better than bacon to start her day off!

The loud banging of feet hitting the ground and hands clapping together gave everyone the jolt they needed in order to wake up as the Sunnysider’s began the song “Hip Horary”, a camp favorite, and the girls made their way to do a lap around the dining hall. After a lively morning, we headed to the chapel to sing God’s praises with the songs Pharaoh, Pharaoh, Blessed Be Your Name, and For All The Saints. We then heard a message from Adam about “What God Requires of Us”.

Today, the girls in lacrosse practiced their throwing and catching as well as walking around camp cradling. What a great way to both get in some practice and enjoy some beautiful scenery! In riding, the head instructor Catherine said that “The girls are learning to ride in lines, judge distance, and see spots adjusting their strides”. Many also practiced jumping their horses, some for the very first time! Climbing spent the whole day at the Mike both at the overhang indoors and the traverse wall outside. Abby B. passes “Alice’sSchool ofKnots”. In Cooking, the girls made pie. They made blueberry, peach, and raspberry. It was absolutely delicious and I made my way multiple times in hopes of leftovers!

At lunch today we discovered a hidden talent in Merri-Mac. Singer-songwriter Lucy W. got her gold in guitar today after performing a song she wrote on her very own. The entire camp was very impressed, and even began a chant for her to perform an encore. I think we may have the future Taylor Swift in our presence.

Today in Dance, the girls were “cross training”. They run and do other activities, for their overall fitness, ultimately to become the most successful dancer they can be. Julia M. and Sara W. RAN A MILE throughout camp and were very pleased to share!  In Art the girls were offered  multiple stations as well as signed the walls. Merri-Mac is rich in history and our very own art wall proves it! Each summer on the last day campers can sign the wall. We love reading back and seeing names as the years go on.

As the lovely ladies of Merri-Mac made their ways to rest, so did the sunshine and the rain came out to play! But, rain never stops a Merri-Mac lady from having a day filled with fun! At dinner the girls snag their cabin songs for the last time together dreading tomorrow’s farewell…it was bittersweet! Following the afternoon rain sand dinner we had White Feather.

The following girls received promotions in tonight’s White Feather ceremony. In Junior Camp earning the rank of tumbleweed are Claire M., Claire N., Ginny H., Olivia N., Remy S., and Anna M. Earning the rank of Groundhog are Aubrey A., Annabeth T., Summer W., and Augusta W.  Earning the rank of Badger is Elizabeth H and earning the rank of Bear is Meg M.

On Windy Hill the following girls received promotions. To the rank of Arrow are: Mae H., Bianca L., Alice M., Bryn Marie A., Jarrett B., Helen Ann H., Sami E., Sofia S., Wynne W., Juliette A., Emily P., Bailey S., Taylor U., Andie K., and Caroline Y. To the rank of Crazy Creek are: Sydney B., Julia S., Millie M., and Caroline W. To the rank of Long Bow are: Julia B., Mary S., Katherine B., Vivian G., and Lucy W. To the rank of Running Deer are: Becca M., Annalaura C., Hailey H., and Anna M. To the rank of Red Tail are: Emily Jeffries and Julianna H. And lastly, earning the rank of Junior Feather is Grace T.

After White Feather, we played a game called Inferno where the girls try to keep a fire for their tribe going as they try to put out the other tribes fires with little cups of water. They also can earn wood to keep their fire going by doing various activities. Don’t worry parents; counselors were the only ones within arms distance of the fires! This is one of the hardest evening activities the girls play, and the girls are very competitive. Each tribe gave a 200% effort, but the Seminoles won as their fire was the last to be put out.

To our parents, thank you for sharing your precious daughters with us this summer. We are sad to see so many shining faces go, but look forward to another incredible two weeks, and of course seeing their smiling faces on opening day next summer!


From this Haven,

Meg Merritt and Madi Cristina