Campers of Merri-Mac woke up this morning knowing that this was no ordinary Saturday. A buzz was in the air and talk of Camp Rockmont could be heard everywhere throughout the cabins. “Is this the day that we go to Camp Rockmont??? What should I where? “

Breakfast came, and it left. Counselor E.P. gave a superb message on Who is Man? at chapel. Then, the first period of activities came. Still, no word on the night’s evening activity.

Soon, every camper was absorbed into their activities, and talk of Rockmont ceased, at least for the time being. Campers enjoyed shooting their arrows and bullets towards their targets, while others rocked the morning away knitting. Cooking class, which has been a favorite class this year, was busy making delicious chicken. Riders rode their horses around the ring and swimmers and divers were in Lake Dorris. So many fun activities occupied the minds of those at Camp Merri-Mac.

Lunch brought with it meatball sandwiches and S’MORE POCKETS, a favorite amongst campers and staff alike. Chowing down on dessert, the dining hall bell was rung, and a hush fell over the crowd. In the hands of Adam Boyd was a scroll. “What does it say?” the campers asked excitedly.

Adam unrolled the scroll, and within the scroll read the long awaited invitation from Rockmont to the Rockmont Dance. Cheers erupted from every camper as their suspicions were confirmed. At that point, all the campers got the feeling that…Tonight’s going to be a good night, that tonight’s going to be a good, good night.

The day rolled on as girls got ready to head to Rockmont. Hair straighteners, dresses, and nice shoes were all around as the last moments of preparation came. Campers could hardly sit still at dinner, and soon the time to load the buses came. All the girls looked fabulous in their dressy clothes as they loaded the buses and awaited the night before them.

Meanwhile, the Tweedles, Stardust, and Comet started their own fun evening activity at camp. Tweedles headed for the slip-and-slide, and Stardust and Comet headed to the lake for swimming, blobbing, and sliding down the slide.

Laughing, smiling, and fun abounded at Camp Rockmont and Camp Merri-Mac, and memories were made that would last the whole year through. Those at Camp Rockmont ended the night with an amazing fireworks show, while those at camp ended the night with a splash.

Today was an all-around awesome day, and Merri-Mac ROCKed the MONT!

Stephanie Bennett

Rainbow Cabin

Archery Instructor

Iroquois Tribe (Woot!Woot!)