I woke up a little before7 o’clockto a beautiful morning. The sun was just peaking over the mistySmokeyMountains. Just as I got dressed however, I realized that today was Sunday and on Sundays we get to sleep in a whole extra hour. You can imagine my happiness at remembering this fact and I quickly fell back asleep. The campers especially were glad to have an extra hour of sleep since yesterday was the Rockmont dance and they were all tired from dancing all night. The morning started off a chilly but warmed up later in the day with a cool breeze keeping it at a wonderful temperature. Everyone put on their Sunday whites and went down to breakfast followed by chapel which was put on by the Milky Way campers. After that, there were swim tryouts for Tribe Fest which takes place tomorrow. Tribe Fest is basically lots of competition between tribes and is always a lot of fun by the campers. There is definitely a lot of tribe spirit that goes on! Some campers went to their tryouts, while some played tetherball or went to a Pilate’s class that was held in the Lodge.

Lunch is always greatly anticipated by the campers, which happens to be a good southern meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans with cherry pastries for dessert mmmmm. We had a birthday at camp today. Isabella St. Pierre C. turned 9 in cabin Tweedle Doe. After her counselors announced her birthday at lunch the whole camp sang to her while she blew out her candles.  After lunch, there is an hour rest period followed by free time and Trading Post which the campers always look forward too. After all of that there was free swim where the campers went on the Blob, the waterslide, and also just to cool off from the afternoon heat.

On Sundays we do something special for dinner; we have a cookout. Campers eat hamburgers and hotdogs and watermelon on the lawn which is always very fun. The fact that they get to eat outside is the best part for them. Dinner was followed by vespers which is where the staff sings songs and puts on skits for the campers who absolutely love seeing the counselors act silly. By the end of all of that the campers are ready for bed and taps follows soon after vespers. All in all, God has blessed us with yet another wonderful and fun filled Sunday at camp Merri-Mac.


Sarah Belanger


 Horseback Riding