Today, your wonderful daughters celebrated the staff here at Camp Merri-Mac; we call today Staff Appreciation Day! The 15- and 16-year old campers woke up extra early to sport borrowed staff shirts and wake up the campers of their assigned cabin for the day. We, the staff, sat at their normal tables during meals while they ate with their younger cabin and “taught” all of our activities for us (with guidance, of course)! This day not only gives us a break, but it also enables the older girls to get a taste of life on staff and take responsibility as leaders in cabins and classes.

Breakfast burritos and blueberry tarts filled our bellies this morning before embarking on a truly busy day! After another “true story” from Camp Director Adam Boyd this morning in chapel, activities were in full swing with girls earning bars left to right! In Climbing today, Ava M., Ali S., Riley E., and Alice M. all earned their Bronze bars! A little rain in the afternoon did not stop them from perfecting their knots and giving the Grotto, a bouldering kind of rock wall we have here at camp, a shot! In Archery, Sophia S. earned her Bronze, and Hannah M. accomplished her bar chords to earn her Silver in Guitar! Other girls in Guitar practiced for tonight’s evening activity, Fine Arts Night.

The “staff” leaders of each activity also showed their prowess in their respective classes. Sundrop camper Cara K. demonstrated her skills in Fencing and Riflery today. She helped younger girls in Fencing with their form and basic technique and allowed them to help officiate. Elizabeth O’D. worked very hard and earned her Silver bar in Fencing. Abigail J., Emily D., and Hamilton I. assisted their Tennis classes with earning bars and playing games like Jail and Queen of the Court. These girls received their Bronze bar in Tennis today: Kathleen O’G., Stephany T., Bree P., Margaret Anne W., and Copeland R.. Cynthia R. earned her Silver in Tennis today! Just up the hill, Hanna S. worked hard to receive her Silver bar in Archery!

In Drama, girls played improvisation games and Lizzie H., Cynthia W., Lydia W., Molly K., and Riley E. got their Bronze bars! Dance classes played So You Think You Can Dance, and Art students made charcoal drawings. My stomach and I were both delighted by the girls making s’mores in Camp Craft and banana bread in Cooking! The recipes in Cooking are absolutely delectable, and I might have taken about 4 pieces of banana bread throughout my wanderings today … I strongly suggest enlisting your daughters to help with meals after their time in Cooking class here.

Life on the dock of Lake Doris today was cut short by some afternoon thunderstorms, but this morning, Ryan S., Ashley A., Katherine G., and Marianna S. all received their Bronze bars in Canoeing! I came by the lake later, closer to dinner, when the sun was shining, and experienced capable older campers Libby R. leading Swimming class and Beatrix E. teaching Kayaking.

Hungry from such an accomplished day, the girls gobbled down soft tacos tonight in anticipation of Fine Arts Night! The theme for tonight’s wardrobe choices and for the emcees’ entertainment was NASCAR! The evening started off with an incredible trampoline routine by Sunnysider Madi S., followed by the older girls’ Chorus class’s performance of “What Is This Feeling?” from Wicked. Birthday girl Marquesa C. really showed off her singing and theatre chops in that song! A group of girls from Moonmist performed an acoustic version of a Jessie J tune, and after a fantastic bars routine, the other Chorus class sang a touching rendition of  “Lean on Me.” The advanced Dance class really moved around on the dance floor with some modern dance, and Elizabeth P. wrote an awesome play performed by Rachel S., Cara K., Sophia S., Kristie G., and CIT Sophie H., complete with a One Direction music interlude and a surprise appearance of soda on camp! Lindsay H. wrote a precious song on her ukulele dedicated to camp, and the famous Ibbeken-M. cousins made the entire Mike laugh with their dorky dance. Both Elizabeth P. and Abby T. dedicated songs to Sunnyside, the cabin with the oldest girls in camp. Tears were definitely abound during those songs.

I so enjoyed experiencing your daughters’ gifts in the realms of gymnastics, dance, theatre, and music this evening. Fine Arts Night has always been one of my favorite evening activities because it allows campers and staff to encounter different gifts of their peers and campers.

Now, I can hear squeals from your wonderful girls as they have a blast with their cabins before heading off to bed. They’ll awake in the morning ready for another incredible day here at Camp Merri-Mac. Thank you SO much for sending your girls here; it’s truly a pleasure.


Maddy Mallory


8 year Merri-Mac Girl

Spirited Seminole