It was great day to be a Merri-Mac girl today. Sunnyside slept out at the Mark last night and returned in time for breakfast and to lead the camp in morning songs, which included “I Won’t Grow Up.”

Many girls saw their hard work pay off and achieved bars today! In Drama: Sophia S., Grace R., Margaret R., Corinna G., and Tess S. all got their bronze, while Elizabeth P. got her diamond. In Fitness Margaret P. got her bronze. In Tennis Lindsay A. and Abigail J. got their silver. In Swimming Caroline K. got her gold and Katie G. got her platinum. In Archery Hanna S. got her gold. In Camp Craft Taylor T. got her bronze and Anabell M. got her gold. In Riflery Margaret Anne W. got her bronze. In Fencing Isabel R., Oriana T., and Sarah C. got their gold and Cara K. got her platinum. In Gymnastics these girls got their bronze: Carolyn C., Ingerid E., Copeland R., Gretchen N., Kathryn G., Cassidy W., Kate H., and Payton S.

At lunch we also found out who won Swimfest and Field Day: Seminoles! The Iroquois won spirit points for their great cheering, while the Choctaw won Sock War! During free time there was a staff vs. Sunnyside volleyball game. There were some great rallies, but the staff pulled through and won.

There were several trips out today. On the rafting trip was Olivia F., Cassidy H., Katherine H., Emily K., Ellie P., Caroline S., Katie S., Morgan G., Caroline H., Hamilton I., Chloe M., Katherine W., Katie P., Elizabeth S., Allie W., Katherine W., Ryan S., Kathleen O., Maddie M., Kinnon W., Caroline K., and Sarah Grace E. Girls who went waterskiing this morning were Brigitte W., Wheaton S., Gracie Rae H., Nora C., Josie L., and Kathryn Y. Girls who went waterskiing this afternoon were Annabell M., Sarah L., Julia V.D.B., Julia M., Sara W., and Caroline Y. There was also a climbing trip out today with Anna Y., Maddie Y., Leah G., Ally S., Grace B., and Cynthia W.

Tonight at White Feather, the following girls got promotions. For Junior camp, these girls got their first promotion to Tumbleweed: Abby F., Kate H., Riley P., Suzanne W., Elizabeth W., Janie C., Mary H., and Amelia L. Promoted to Groundhog were Aurora M., Josephine V., Lydia W., Isabella S.P.C., Gretchen N., and Riley E. And promoted to Bear was Elizabeth H. In Intermediate and Senior camp, the following girls were promoted to the first rank of Arrow: Josie L., Lauren U., Sarah Katherine E., Holly H., Margaret Anne W., Bree P., Margaret R., Natalee-Ann T., Josefina B., Karis P., Grace B., Bailey B., and Cassidy H. Promoted to Crazy Creek were Alice M., Julia B., Kate Howell, Caroline C., Kate Hemm, Michelle U., and Hattie W. To Long Bow were Sydney H., Caroline W., Kristie G., and Marquesa C. To Running Deer were Sarah C., Frazier R., Abigail J., and Abby T. To Red Tail was Hanna S. And to the highest rank a girl can receive, White Feather, five girls were promoted: Libby R., Sara W., Sydney D., Julianna H., and Madi S.

With only a few days left at camp, stories were shared as final campfire brought out both laughter and tears. We hope that the last few days at Camp Merri-Mac this summer will be filled with even more memories and adventures.

Bex Wise

Sunnyside Counselor