Every minute at camp is full of smiles, laughter and memories but there is something so special about the mornings with breakfast, chapel and, of course, tribe meetings. All of Merri-Mac was awoken this morning to a sweet blanket of fog that had settled all around camp—that’s the mountains for you.  As the girls rolled out of bed, quite literally in some cases, into the crisp cool morning air and the fog gave way to cool breeze and sunshine, a delicious breakfast of coffee cake and a special breakfast casserole was waiting for them down in Tucker Inn! Our oldest girls at camp, the “Sunny-siders,”—residents of Sundrop, Sunspot, and Sunnyside—got a special surprise this morning! They got to sleep in and get some much-needed rest from their duties as Tribe Leaders and their counselors brought them breakfast in bed! A great way to start of the day, I’d say.

As the cool mountain breezes gave way to heavy amounts of sunshine, Merri-Mac began its daily activities. Because there was no rain today every activity was in full swing and Lake Doris was constantly full of delighted and giggly campers. In fact, in kayaking today, Beatrix E. got her onside and offside roll and Morgan G. demonstrated “one of the strongest rolls seen all summer,” says her instructor Mary Paige B. In canoeing, Abigail J., Savannah S., Julianna H., and Sarah L. triumphed over their opponents in a canoeing race of epic and hilarious proportions—much giggling ensued when this was announced in the dining hall due to the fact that the losers of the race also wanted to be announced. Lake Doris was full of accomplishment today: Sadie T. achieved her Silver in competitive swimming and the rest of the girls gained much headway on their own bars whilst enjoyed the cool refreshment that Doris brought them this beautiful but hot day at camp! Outside of camp, Claire H., Kate H., Savannah L., Gretchen N., Ansleigh S., Austin T., Sarah L., Anabell M., Mary Laci M., Hamilton I., Beatrix E., Ingerid E., and Copeland R. also enjoyed a day of fun in the sun out at Lake James for waterskiing with their beloved instructor, Falon D. Also, a few brave women—Erin A., Caroline D., Caroline S., Vivian G., Caroline K., Anna M., and Marquesa C. —took on Section 4 of the French Broad River late this afternoon. Trips are a special part of Camp Merri-Mac and provide the girls with a chance to really grasp and practice the skills they are being taught in class (not to mention the van rides to the destinations are always a hoot).


Around 12:30 the ever-familiar bugle to end class begins, the girls of Merri-Mac rush to partake in their day-to-day between activity activities. For some girls, like Everly H. the place they like to spend their time is on the tetherball court making friends and getting “tether.” For other girls the new Patti-O across from the Big House is a spot of relaxation and retreat from the sun where they can sit and those rocking chairs and knit their best friend an adorable headband to rock during tribal events. Other girls hang around the back green anxiously anticipating what delicious great they might receive for lunch. What will it be? Will it be? Could it really be what it smells like? IT IS! IT’S TACO IN A BAG! If anything could’ve made today a better day that was it. The sweetness of success permeated from Tucker Inn into afternoon activities today as Corrina M. got her bronze in Dance and Kat M., and Katherine G. received their bronze in climbing! Around 4 pm, camp proudly waved goodbye to Patterson G., Healey M., Cassidy W., Bree P., Remi K., Nataleeanne T., and Hannah M., as they, along with fearless leaders, Sammi Eubanks and Stephanie Bennett, headed out for Turkey Pen Gap for what is sure to be an exciting and adventurous overnight!

As day turned to evening, girls rushed out of their last classes of the day to change into their proud Red, Blue or Black for evening activity tonight…Gold Rush. The girls love this activity because not only do they get to run rampant around camp searching for the strangest of gold items, from gravel to counselors, they also get to use their active imaginations in a test of wit and humor as they attempt to prove to the “judges” who deserves the piece of gold better, the counselor that tagged them or themselves. The intricate and hilarious tales that these girls weave is just another one of the many joys of being a camp counselor.

It’s 8 o’clock now and Gold Rush has just ended, tribe spirit lingers in the air as the girls head up to their respective cabins for possible raids of the delicious and highly trafficked Trading Post, fires and friendships as smores are burnt to a golden crisp over campfires, “free swims” and bonding at the legendary “Blob” and cabin devotions that leave each and every girl feeling peaceful and loved both by their Savior and their camp family at the end of a another very exciting day at Merri-Mac. What a rush!

Genevieve Parshley