The evening rain from last night made for a cool morning at Merri-Mac. We were happy to welcome Katherine H., Stephanie T., Vivian G., Savannah S., Julianna H., Abby T., Marquisa C. and Julia V. out of hiding from their back packing trip at Greybeard Falls.

Merri-Mac sent out another trip today. Hamilton I., Anabelle M., Mari Laci M., Abigail J., Beatrix E., Hanna S., Julia M., Sara W., and Isabel R. went to Alton Park for a tennis trip. The girls returned in time of their last two activities. As the weather grew warmer, most campers were hiding in the shade, but the girls in water activities were thankful to jump in the water to cool off. At dinner, we proudly announced that Mari Laci M. and Beatix E. both received their gold bars the have been seeking. We’re so glad they could accomplish their last bar while on the tennis trip. We love to recognize their hard work by asking them to stand on their benches (hiding is not an option) as everyone cheers for their achievement. It is always a joy to watch girls celebrate each other’s hard work and talent in activities.

This evening we played Counselor Hunt–an intense game of hide-and-seek. Our staff has many talents. One of them is finding in Counselor Hund. Although we’re good at hiding, there is something that our campers are even better at doing, and that is the art of seeking. The game is extremely fun because once a camper has the victory of finding a counselor, they get to bring down whoever they found to Lake Doris and push them in.

Another great day at Camp Merri-Mac is coming to an end and everyone is now seeking a shower. Soon, we’ll all be hiding under our covers. We can’t wait to seek out more fun tomorrow.

Lauren Britt

Sunspot Counselor

Head of Archery

Swanky Iroquois