Tucker Inn is getting a facelift – well maybe a little more than a facelift – and to quote Jerry Reed, “we’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there.”  So it’s a real question: will we make it?

Three is certain lore, and a special feel about great camp dining halls; someone should make a coffee table book about them.  If they did Tucker Inn would be on the front cover.   Three times a day we sit together as a cabin, and sing together as a camp. It’s where every girl cheers the Tweedle song and waits to hear Rainbow’s newest add on.  It’s where campers learn the traditions that make them feel like camp insiders.  It’s where we honor our princess and “break it down” for the evening activity.  So we decided a place this important needed a little more room.  We’ll keep you posted on progress, because one way or another, on June 9 we’re going to have a lot of girls eating  our Sunday Fried Chicken in Tucker Inn!