7 am wakin’ up in the morning… Just how every day at Camp Merri-Mac begins! Each girl rolled out of bed as Reveille rang out in the valley and began their daily chore with diligence. Soon after the cabins were swept and the beds were made, everyone made their way down the hill towards Tucker Inn to gobble down a delicious breakfast consisting of biscuits, sausage, eggs, hash browns, yogurt and granola. From breakfast, we traveled across camp to chapel where we listened to the wonderful Hayley Fulford deliver a word on who Jesus was and what he did for all of us here on earth. After singing songs of praise and thanksgiving, girls scattered in a number of different directions to attend various activities. In Gymnastics, I met up with Payton Westhelle who was working hard to achieve her bronze bar. Meanwhile, Emily Clifton, Talley Peterman and Hunter Skidmore began work towards their silver bar. The gymnastics girls were hard at work on vaulting and the beam today. Down the hill from Gymnastics at the lovely Lake Doris, the Kayakers were working on their hip snaps, t-rescues and rolls. Sunnyside camper Jessica Goldman was hard at work on learning her roll, while Molly Robert got her first wet exit! Over at the riding ring, girls were practicing all sorts of galloping and trotting in the warm sunshine. Across from the ring, Volleyball teacher Lindsay Knapp was hard at working teaching her girls how to properly serve a ball. The whole class cheered when they heard they would be playing “Dead Fish,” one of their favorite games to help them practice serving. Each player was working hard to prepare for that evenings activity: inner tribal volleyball! In camp craft, each girl had the chance to roast and eat the perfect S’more. Up in the fencing pavilion, Kelsey Walker fenced for the first time at camp, and Allie Manson helped referee a match! Down in the climbing grotto, girls were practicing bouldering and knotting figure eights. Audrey Smith perfected her Munter-Mule hitch combo with a knot. In the kitchen, girls were learning to cook gourmet Mac-n-cheese! I myself tried a bite, and can attest that it was absolutely delicious. On the porch of the kitchen, campers were knitting an array of scarves, headbands, and even purses! Zoë Rogers was knitting a scarf while Mary Elizabeth Baumgarten worked on a headband. Christy Shores was hard at work on the Basketball court teaching her girls the basics of defense and lay-ups. On the lush archery range, they were working on aim and shooting, Katniss Everdeen style. On the porch of Little Dipper cabin, Elizabeth Cordell and Sarah Potts were learning the chords to We Are Young by Fun in guitar class. Meanwhile Lauren Stebbens and Julia Pearce worked on their chords for their bronze bar, and Anna Blair was practicing Over My Head by The Fray. Fitness class met in the lodge today and worked hard to some old school Backstreet Boys tunes. They did some step aerobics, hula hooping for cardio, and strength circuits. On the Rifelry Range, Jess Tetnowski was working hard towards her silver bar. In order to win her silver bar in Rifelry, she had to shoot her target five times with the bullets hitting within two inches of each other. Back in the Lake, girls were hard at work diving, canoeing, and working on their backstroke. In the Enchanted Barn, girls were hand crafting mugs and throwing on the wheel. Up on the Tennis courts, girls were working on their backhand and forehand hits. For lunch, girls fueled up with pizza and pasta salad. During free time, a tetherball tournament was organized near the volleyball courts—the game continues tomorrow! For dinner, breadsticks and chicken alfredo and broccoli was served, proving the campers the boost they needed to go into the volleyball battle! From start to finish, it was another beautiful day at camp. The rain stayed away, the sunshine stayed out, and laughter and smiles flooded the hills of camp Merri-Mac all day long. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store!

-Davie B., Stardust Counselor, Lacrosse teacher