Every day is better than the last at Camp Merri Mac. Sleepy girls rubbed their eyes and tumbled out of beds this morning as they hurried to do their chores and get ready for the day. Songs were sung as the girls walked down to the Tucker Inn. The “Dream Team” girls from the cabins Dreams Begin and Dreams End all wore pink because it was Wednesday. There was good natured joking about their movie inspired apparel that would continue throughout the day.

Tummies full from a breakfast of sausage, eggs, fruit, and hash browns, the girls walked/skipped up to the chapel hand in hand. Snuggled up together on the pews overlooking lake Doris, campers sang praise songs, like an old time favorite “Let My Light Shine Bright.” Our camp director Adam spoke on who is God. After chapel, girls scamper off to their cabins to grab gear for their next classes and spend free time with friends.

The bugle sounds for the first activity and off the girls scamper; what follows is too beautiful to capture in pictures or even the best article. It can only be described as “Camp magic”. Before heading off for their special Sunnyside cabin trip, girls throw football on the green in front of “Big House”, eliciting awed grins from Tweedles who have never picked up a football. Vans of girls headed out for a rafting trip on the Pigeon River lined up. Allie W., Honor W., and Isabel E. all experienced rafting for the first time today and said “We loved it SO much and want to go again!”

In diving class, many of the girls learned how to go in head first for the first time, as well as how to break the water so as to make less of a splash. They also got to show off some of their favorite dives at the end which was a treat to witness. Our climbing class met in the Mike to tackle the overhang and all kinds of knots and techniques. Jessica T. and Rigby P. worked extra hard to perfect their nature anchors and knots for the multi-pitch climb this weekend. Morgan P. proudly worked towards her silver in climbing, conquering the Munter/Mule hitch/knot.

In the pottery shed girls quietly talk to each other as their hard work appears under their hands in the form of mugs. They paint beautiful designs, many of which are tribe signs, and grin when their instructor praises them. Over at the stables and in the riding rings, they girls chat with instructor and love on their favorite horses. Caroline R. determinedly rides A Boy Named Sue around the ring as the head riding instructor corrects and praises her.

Walking up the hill to riflery, you can hear the girls talking excitedly and braiding bracelets (a new favorite pastime) while they wait for their turn to shoot. As the girls get up on the firing platform the talking quiets and the girls are all professionalism; they wait patiently for the command to fire. Tweedle camper Haley B. deftly loads her bullets into the rifle and shoots her rounds with a calm demeanor. On the other side of camp at the Archery range, Chapel D. works for her silver with her personal bow, conquering her 30 yard objective with practiced ease.

At lunch the winners of Color War (a new Merri Mac game favorite) from the previous evening was announced. Drum roll please…THE COUNSELORS! Despite defeat, our Merri Mac girls will tell you that it was a blast getting to play against their counselors and instructors. After lunch has ended and benches are back on top of tables, girls head back to cabins to sleep, read, or write for rest hour. The bugle signaling the end of rest hour, or in some children’s minds, the opening of Trading Post, rings and off they go again! Campers spread out around lower camp, battling it out at tetherball, or coloring Disney princess pictures with counselors. Then off for third and fourth period activities.

Up on the porch of Little Dipper, Izzy O. works on her cords for guitar class, focusing extra hard. Just down the hill in chorus class, Anna O. works on the song “Never Fully Dressed With A Smile” from Annie. Only a few steps away on lake Doris, girls are more active; Mary Ellison Mc. grins from ear to ear as she practices floating and her back stroke in swimming. Christine T. got her first roll in kayaking class and Shelby M. works on perfecting hers as well. Kade D. is all grace in gymnastics class as she works at the beam, tackling handstands with the help of her instructor.

The activities for the night are all different as tonight is the beloved Cabin Night; the activities for cabins are chosen by counselors to the surprise and delight of all. You can hear the squeals of joy and laughter echo across camp as the girls head off to their cabins to get ready for their surprise activities.  Many of them will be “raiding trading post”. Stardust will be acting as a traveling dance troupe, going from cabin to cabin to spread lots of love and giggles. Comet will be having cabin initiation, slip n’ slide, and as happens often at camp, lots of face paint will be involved. There is just too much fun going on to mention every cabin; bonfires, cabin raids, and so much cabin pride.

A lovely night to you all and go Team Merri Mac!

Anna S.

Comet Counselor

Climbing Enthusiast

Fierce Iroquois