Another Friday morning came and went today, as the bright sun peaked over the mountains to the tune of Reveille ringing through the hills of camp. Breakfast in Tucker Inn was a feast of delicious French toast, and afterward we headed over to the chapel to raise 250 lovely voices to the skies. The excitement continued as activities began at 10:30. In backpacking, girls built fires and experimented with the delicate art of s’more making. In one class, we even had a fireside rendition of “Light the Fire” sung around the circle. In pottery, girls spent their time glazing their pieces—cups, bowls, mugs, clay animals—with a bright array of colors. They will be fired in the kiln this weekend and will turn out beautifully for the girls to bring home (watch out, dads—there may be some belated Father’s Day presents coming from our pottery studio)! Climbing took place at the traverse wall today, and some girls worked on their knots. Some of these included the figure-eight follow through, double fisherman, and bowline knots. Jess Tetnowski worked on her natural anchor in class, as she plans to help lead a climbing trip this week. We continued on to lunch, where we stuffed ourselves with chicken patties, a camp favorite. With our stomachs full of great food, we gladly headed up to our cabins for rest hour, ready for a good afternoon nap. Then afternoon classes began, with the sun shining bright and warm all over our hills. In tennis, campers played “queen of the court”, a two-on-two game, and worked on perfecting their serves. In knitting, girls continued their projects, which include scarves and headbands. Chloe Ryan was working on a lovely multi-colored scarf that she has almost completed—a great project! In kayaking, campers and staff participated in epic games of kayak polo, a game in which girls paddle around for possession of a kickball, aiming for goals set up at both ends of the dock. It was such fun to watch! Girls practiced their different strokes in swimming class, and others improved their form in diving. Then, girls from water activities got to go down the water slide as well. In fitness, groups of girls diligently ran laps around camp with counselor Kate Aten leading them, testing their long-distance abilities—and succeeding! After a dinner of jambalaya, cornbread, and fried okra, we headed to our senior, intermediate, and junior camp councils for White Feather ceremonies, where girls were awarded promotions and commendations for their growth and achievements at camp. After, we played Gold Rush, one of everyone’s favorite tribal evening activities here at camp. Girls must find gold “treasure” hidden all over camp and return it to their tribal stations without the bandits (counselors) catching them! We will find out who won when the winner is announced tomorrow at lunch. This whole afternoon and evening, we have not had a single cloud in the sky as far as I could see. It has been the quintessential day at Merri-Mac, full of sunshine and joy! We send our love to you all. Goodnight!

Rachel B.