We clouds sometimes get a lot of action at Camp Merri-Mac, but not on this Saturday! I was one of only a few that got to roam the skies above this beautiful property today, as the sun was apt to shine brightly and allow me to experience the campers’ joys and all that they learned. They woke up early and I noticed that they were very diligent in their efforts to make sure they cleaned their cabins! Everyone headed down to breakfast where they enjoyed delicious biscuits and eggs, along with all other assortments of cereal and breakfast items. Afterward they ran toward chapel, where their lovely voices came into the sky and blessed my fellow clouds and me. We always love to hear the Merri-Mac girls sing praises to our creator, because they sound so sweet and worshipful.

They then began their activities for the day! I hope that the sun did not burn any of them too much; I definitely tried to bring them as much shade as I could. Regardless of the heat, they had a lot of fun! Especially those girls at the lake – the swimmers were working on their bars, making sure that their technique was looking good, and doing an incredible job at it. The divers were also working on their bronze bars, and in order to do so they had to do their front tuck dives and back jumps. I wish I could do that! In kayaking and canoeing the girls got to play games, some tipping their canoes over, and others playing water polo against the staff. In cooking, the girls were making blueberry muffins! They looked like professionals in their aprons. The pottery girls also wore aprons as they worked on glazing their beautiful mugs and pieces of pottery that they made just a few days ago. Soon they’re work will be complete! The knitting ladies were knitting away at their projects, some making blankets, others scarves and headbands. Many of these girls are already styling their new headbands around camp. I noticed that the volleyball girls were having quite a fun time working on their spikes and the girls in horseback riding were learning how to keep a good position and how to have “confidence and competence” as riding instructor Stephanie R. said.

As lunchtime rolled around the sun was still shining bright and I could see that the counselors were making sure that the girls had enough sunscreen and water. So the girls headed to lunch and ate meatball subs! The kitchen staff informed us that “sub” sandwich is short for submarine sandwich – they are always learning random as well as not so random things at camp. And for dessert – s’more pockets – an absolute favorite of the girls at Merri-Mac. After lunch everyone went to rest hour, and made sure they had their fans on, as it was still very warm. Free time came around and the girls rushed down to the Trading Post for extra refreshment. And then it was back to activities again. The girls always have so much fun in their activities – especially climbing. The girls were climbing the tower as well as the wall, and they looked like they had always been climbing. The trees help protect the climbers so I didn’t have to worry about shading them. Instead I went over to the basketball and tennis players. The B-ball gals were working on layups and playing different games to help them play defense. In tennis everyone was hitting in order to obtain bars. Ingrid J, Sarah B. and Milly M. all got their bronze bars – congratulations! The instructors in gymnastics were doing all sorts of things with the girls. They started off inside with bars, floor, and trampoline, but then decided to do something called “gymnastics in found places” where they went all around camp and used different areas (volleyball court, amphitheater, etc.) to work on different gymnastics skills – how creative! The fitness girls were off for a trail run. On the trail, as well, were the camp craft campers, who were learning at the flora and fauna around Merri-Mac. Also in the woods is the riflery range, where the girls were shooting their targets with great precision. I’m glad I’m a cloud when I’m around them! In archery the young ladies were also shooting and working on bars. Their instructor decided to put balloons filled with flour on their targets, and a huge puff of “smoke” would come about if they shot the balloon. The girls in drama were having a day of relaxation where they did relaxing exercises in order to warm up their bodies for work on the stage. I know it could be very stressful and nerve-wracking to get up on that stage, so relaxing exercises was a great idea! In fencing everyone was working on getting a silver bar, except Hunter W. who had only to sing her “parry song” in order to get her gold for the sport.

The last place I stopped by before dinner was guitar class. They all sounded great and were learning Christmas songs for our upcoming holiday in a few days. Can’t wait to hear them play them for Christmas! Christina C. and Anne Miller E. had also received their bronze bars in the class. Dinner came soon and it was a feast of grilled chicken, potatoes, and other dishes of vegetables. The girls are now taking part in Division night, an evening activity in which Junior, Intermediate, and Senior camps all do separate activities. It’s a great night a camp for craziness, and I can tell that every girl is really taking part in it. This has been a Saturday to remember – can’t wait to see what fun the girls will have at camp tomorrow. I hope the sun shines again!

Love, Miss Cloud (aka Natalie B., Sunspot/Sunnyside Counselor)