Sunday morning was kicked off with an extra hour of sleep, all white outfits and a delicious breakfast consisting of coffee cake and bagels! After breakfast the girls made there way to chapel where the Rainbow cabin shared the word of the Lord through a scripture reading and skit.  Instead of preparing for their first activity after chapel, campers spent their mornings resting and bonding with each other.  The Little Dipper porch was transformed into a nail salon where Sarah Francis E. and many more painted their nails.  Speaking of salons, Tweedle Dee camper, Camron L, was busy all morning hanging up flyers announcing the opening of the Tweedle Dee Salon.  Counselor Grace was the first client of the salon and received a lovely hairdo.

Back on the hill, the Rainbow girls spent the morning braiding each other’s hair.  Dreams Begin campers played cards while Dreams End campers, Leah F., Anne Dillon L., Caroline A., Hunter W., and Maddie M. passed the time making bracelets and listening to Zoë R. practice the guitar.  Morgan P., Sang-Mi L., and Julia P. relaxed and caught some sunshine on the Sunnyside hammocks.

After a peaceful morning the girls enjoyed fried chicken, green beans and mashed potatoes for lunch.  With their stomachs nice and full the girls returned to their cabins for a true rest hour lasting a full hour.  Rest hour was full of reading, writing and sleeping.  The soothing sounds of rain made for a serene afternoon.

When the clock struck 3:00 and the skies cleared, the campers rushed to Trading Post for an afternoon treat.  This is also when activities such as volleyball, climbing, lacrosse and swimming opened up for campers to partake in.  Free swim was a very popular activity drawing in a majority of the girls.  The bright, clear sky was perfect for an afternoon filled with swimming, blobbing, and fancy diving too.

Instead of heading to the Tucker Inn for supper, the girls enjoyed hamburgers, hotdogs, watermelon and cookies at the cook out!  This gave the campers the opportunity to have a meal with other campers they normally wouldn’t eat with.  It was amazing watching the older girls include the younger ones and seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces.

Supper was followed by vespers in the Mike.  Counselors Emily, Maddy and Robin accompanied by Timberlake counselors played songs for the campers while counselors Davie, Ying, Molly, and Madison preformed silly skits. The campers absolutely loved seeing the counselors be goofy. After vespers the girls went back to their cabins for some fun activities before bedtime! Yet again, God has blessed Camp Merri-Mac with a wonderful and fun filled Sunday.

-Counselor Caroline